Gift Suggestions for my fashion loving friend?

  1. I was thinking something like these (these are address labels from I'd love suggestions- gift baskets or whatever. Budget is $100 or under.
  2. ^ That bag is really cute!!!
  3. I'm not sure if it's her type of bag, but I think I may look at them. LOL
  4. Those are adorable! Thanks!
  5. Grechen is my buddy. I made some blogads for her. :lol:
  6. Japster, in that case, can you please thank grechen for her awesome designer directory? Thanks. :biggrin:
  7. I will pass that along, She will love to hear that...believe me!
  8. Japster, I'm now looking at Grechen's directory of independent handbag designers - really cool.
  9. Japster, what a pleasure it was to have the opportunity to "speak" with Grechen - thanks!

    This is cute:
    http://www.ravinstyle, click on 'browse' by category bags and scroll down to Ravin Gems Evening Pouf
  10. She's so sweet--I hope when I get out to Atlanta, I'll get a chance to hang out with her. :smile:
    Her and I both write/wrote for and I have done some PR work for her but have been crappy about that lately since I had my ectopic a few weeks ago.
    THanks for your suggestions. :smile:
  11. If she is into design goods I would suggest getting her a Pucci bandana for $50 dollars on or a larger pucci scarf. I bought my mom for mothers day a christian lacroix silk scarf with a beautiful design on only $110.
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