gift set bag at Victoria's Secret

  1. i bought it including the shower gel, lotion and cologne for 19.50 and the bag looks like a speedy 25 but it's really cute. they also have a bigger one like the speedy 30. just check them out :yes: just wanna share :p
  2. Do you have pics? I haven't seen this.
  3. Is it this one?? I found this one off eBay.

    (pic from eBay) (eBay member sheilatr24[​IMG])

  4. Is this at the store now? It's so cute!
  5. Love it!!! I need to go to Victoria's Secret today to spend some gift cards from x-mas!! thanks for the post.
  6. looks nice wish we could get it here
  7. i'll post pix later =) it's really cute =)
  8. yes it's in the store already
  9. hmm not that one but same shape. color of the body is brown vachetta handles and has victorias secret writing all over
  10. so cheap and so cute!! nice!!
  11. I got one as a's a super cute deep purple bowler-style bag with lavender trim and the Love Spell products inside.
  12. aw! i really like that! i need to go by VS today :smile:
  13. mmm that's nice, pity we cant get here! Must look on ebay!
  14. hmm lemme see ladies, imagine a mono speedy exactly the same, but with victoria's secret written all over it, it has a stripe on the front that has the same color as the products inside. i got pure seduction so the stripe is pink and white and the lining is pink too.
  15. How neat! It is nice to know that such a classy style bag is available out there! Can't wait to see pictures!