Gift send = taxfree?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I have a quick question. Do Chanel Boutiques and other department stores (NM, Nordstrom) do gift send? I know Saks does.. Because I'm trying to buy my boy bag without paying tax.

  2. What do you mean by gift send?
    Do you have to send to a state that does not have a store in order to forgo the sales tax, or will they waive the tax if you label the item as a gift?
  3. I just tried this at Neiman, and it didnt work especially for Chanel. The shipping address needs to match the billing address, unless you have a very good established relationship with your SA....
    You will not get taxed if you live in a state where there isnt a NM, Bloomy, or Nordstrom...

    But good luck! Doesn't hurt to try and ask =)
  4. This used to work. Some still say it does for them, but really the SA is taking a big chance. The Sales Tax laws are serious...
  5. ITA with lally. Boutique now charges tax regardless if they have a boutique in your home state.
  6. This is true!
  7. I was just wondering the logic behind why there is no sales tax added when it's labeled as a gift?
    How do you get the SA to waive the tax?!
  8. I've never heard of that. Just as others have said, if the store doesn't have one in your state.
  9. I got charged tax at Chanel in Chicago when I had bag shipped to Wisconsin. I did save tax as I paid my local tax rate which was less than chicago tax rate. Saks I just bought a bag over phone and paid no tax because no store yet here where I live. Though now an off fifth just opened so I'm thinking in future may get taxed.
  10. When I was at a Chanel boutique in December, they told me that they can ship to 10 states tax free. Not sure if the policy has changed in the past 3 months.
  11. You will. Same situation in my state. No regular Saks, just off Saks.
  12. You will save tax buying from Saks if you state don't have Saks. My sister bought a classic from BG and shipped to her house without tax since her states has no BG.
  13. Good to know! I will definitely call BG next time I want to purchase a bag since I live in CA.

    I was able to purchase items as a "gift" and not charged sales tax only at certain NM locations. I think it really just depends on the SA. I just don't understand the logic behind why you wouldn't be charged tax if you're gifting it to someone lol. So definitely ask your SA you're working with if they are able to gift it next time! :biggrin:
  14. I heard it does not work anymore. Try BG to avoid sales tax if you live outside NYC.
  15. I know a Saks SA who will do gift send but you must have all info on hand (style num etc) as he is In dior hb -- PM for info