Gift return w/o receipt or tags?????

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  1. Here is my question: I received a Black Patent Zoe for Christmas -- $428 retail. I don't have the receipt, gift receipt or tags for the bag. Yes, it's new -- I haven't used it. It's in the dust bag, which is the way I received it. Do you think the Coach store will let me return it for merchandise credit or exchange for another bag?

    I just posted this is the 'SA: Do you get penalized for returns' thread. But I don't really think it 'goes' there, so I made my own thread.
  2. Hmmm, to be honest, I am not sure that they will do anything without all of those things. Do you have a relationship with an SA you could take it to?
  3. I know that they will take returns w/out the receipt so long as the tags are still attached, but I don't know that they would take bag a bag without at least that. It's worth a try I suppose.
  4. I could be wrong but... the black patent zoe is no longer in the boutiques anymore. They might take it back, but they'd call the outlets and find the cheapest price and only give you that much as either merchandise credit or to exchange with.
  5. ^yep, I think that's right, I just posted in the other thread.
  7. It's more likely that the color black went to the outlets, I think it was on the last delete (I think). But you can always call to check if you want to be prepared before you make the trip...
  8. Curious.....IF a bag is returned w/o receipt and has already gone to the outlet, BUT still has the tags attached -- will the boutique give you full retail price or outlet price?
  9. I *think* they'll recognize it as a bag that is in the outlets and give you outlet price, even if the tags are on there. At least, the managers at my store do, they're really quick to know how old a bag is and if it's hit the outlets, etc.
  10. You would get retail price only IF you had the receipt, even if the bag was at the outlet.Since you don't have tags or receipt, you might have to ebay it.
  11. This is my one experience with returning to a full price store without a receipt. I took a bag back this past August that I had gotten as a gift in March (it was already at the outlet). It still had the full price tag on it and the SA gave me merch credit for the full price.
  12. Also, wouldn't they look for the bullseye on the creed which would tell them whether the bag was purchased at the outlet?
  13. If you know which store it was purchased, they may be able to look it up in their system.
  14. They probably would, but only one of my outlet bags even has a bullseye (believe me, I've searched) and its barely noticeable. I can really only see it when i photograph the creed with the flash on. I imagine that the bullseye isn't a very reliable way of telling whether a bag came from an outlet or not.
  15. I've had success returning Coach gifts without receipts, however, they ALWAYS had the tag still attached. I've never tried to return something that did not have the pricetag still on it. I wouldn't think they'd take anything back without the tag.