Gift Recommendation...

  1. SO i'm looking for a Bday present for one of my really good guy friends... i was def. thinking about getting the simple card holder in damier.. what do you think
  2. How about a Cles?
  3. yeah
  4. My dh just bought the simple card holder in damier about a month ago and he loves it. He carries it during the week with business cards and on the weekend he puts his driver's license and money in it for a small wallet. He loves how flat and small it is. I think it's a great gift!:tup:
  5. I think a cles is a great gift!
  6. I think the Cles would be great.
  7. I like the idea with a card holder. Always a useful thing.
  8. cles is a good idea IMO
  9. I think thats a great idea. I was gonna say bandeau until i realised it was for a guy-whoopsies lol. So yeah, go for the card holder,its very practical.
  10. Card Holder.
  11. mmmm, i think a guy would like the business card case.
  12. Definitely look into the pocket organizers. They are perfect for carrying driver's license, credit cards and business cards. They come in Monogram, Damier, Epi & Taiga. My DH has the Taiga version and LOVES it.
    Damier Pocket Organizer.JPG
  13. I think card holder is great for a guy.
  14. I think the card holder in Damier is more masculine and perfect for a guy. Or maybe a damier/taiga billfold?
  15. Pocket organizer is good- I know most guys like to have a smaller wallet, esp. for the weekends. If that's a bit too pricey, I'd def. suggest the card holder... Cles is a great idea but I can see a lot of guys not knowing what to do with it (guess I hang around a lot of meat and potatoes types..); change holder may be a good alternative to that...