Gift Reciept Codes


Aug 28, 2006
Hi girls! Hope everyone had a wonderful Coach Christmas!

I did, and so did my hubby, but he doesn't really care for what he got! He's told me to take them back and get something for myself. Both things are from an outlet and the nearest for me is over 2 hours away and the roads might be blocked with snow. So, I'd like to figure out how much my friend spent so that I can plot out what I want to get (possibly just returning them for store credit in a boutique). Anyone know how to read the gift receipt codes? Or maybe even figure out what they are selling for now?

I would think that if you call the outlet they should be able to give you some information. I don't know if they will be able to do anything with the gift receipt over the phone but they can at least tell you what the current selling price is for the item(s).