Gift Ideas...turning 40?


Mar 9, 2006
Hi everyone,
My dearest friend turns 40 this month and I need some amazing ideas for a gift(s). I should add she is insanely wealthy, so it is tough to choose something at times. I wondered if anyone had any ideas? I appreciate every thought! I would like to spend no more than $200.

(One more thing...has anyone heard of Normans Chocolates? Are they good? Can't find them online, but heard they were excellent)
If she's insanely wealthy...I'm sure she has a lot already. How about a donation to a charity in her name?, something personal (a personalized scarf - hankie), framed picture of you and her? or of her kids....just some ideas. I wanted to think of something different for you....
I agree with ADDICTED. Something personal would be great! A framed photo or something. I have a lot of necklaces from Tiffany's usually as birthday gifts, they run about $65 - $175 (well, you know they have a lot more that cost more but the little silver ones are about that. Anyways, every time I put one on, I think of my friend that gave it to me. They have so many cute ones. And earrings too. Or maybe a Tiffany's or Montblanc pen with a box of fun girlie cards. You could even be funny and start a card for yourself in there. I also know a great chocolate place, it was in Oprah's magazine and it is really yummy, I will have to dig for the box if you want it, but it is yummy and the box is so cute (faux croc)

Most importantly, spend some time with her! Enjoy! Have fun!
I think cashmere is wonderful and makes a great gift....maybe some cashmere slippers??? i know that sometimes I really appreciate things like that which I may not think to buy myself. Also, if she is trendy, I bought a great Pucci scarf that is really long and skinny that I can wear as a belt, or a headband...I have tied it to my purse...and the ends are beaded, so it looks really pretty. It was $150 at Neimans. If she doesn't have one, you could get an IPOD, and download some of you guys favorite songs, so it would be ready to go with music that is fun or meaningful to the two of you....and that is all I have to say about that!!!!