Gift ideas for the man who has everything

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  1. Hi All, hope you can help. It's my BFs Birthday in a couple of weeks and i'm struggling to find a gift for him.

    He seriously does have everything. Was thinking of buying him a belt but after a look in his belt drawer I don't think there's a single one he doesn't have, similarly with watches.

    Does anybody have any ideas? He also loves his gadgets but usually if there's anything he wants he just buys it.

    I'm probably looking at spending a max of £300.
  2. Well, since he has everything, or can buy everything, why don't you get him a more sentimental-type gift? Like a scrapbook you made, or a framed photo of you two? Or perhpas there is a concert or show he'd like to see that you could get tickets for?
  3. What are his hobbies? Does he like football or any other sport?

    How about a handmade belt buckle and belt?



    Belt buckle


    Bad Ass belt

    Lucky sixpence cufflinks from hoolala in England

    Beautiful leather journal (handcrafted)


    Endless knot cufflinks


    Unusual ties from


    Handpainted silk neckties

  4. I had an ex who had everything.

    I got a star named after him. :smile: It was so cool. Very creative.

    Check it out! is the address I believe.
  5. How about a coupon book you make ? You can get very creative with it.
  6. Well my boyfriend and I are very 'city'. We are always 'gogogo' and our careers require that from us too. So for his birthday I took him away to the island (we live in Vancouver) and we stayed at a really nice waterfront hotel and we spent the day at the spa. :smile:

    Maybe you can treat him to the spa? men really like that (even if they think it's fem)!
  7. ^thats what I decided to do for my bf this year too since hes also someone who has everything under the sun. I'm also making a charitable donation in his name, thanks for the ideas in my birthday thread from tPF people! yay!
  8. I was going to make the same suggestion. For the Holidays in 2006 , I treated my DH to a complete spa-day. It included a Men's facial, deep-tissue massage, manicure, pedicure (I am sure the person who did his pedicure is probably still cursing me out!) lunch and a 20% tip. He was kinda hesitant - pretended he did not want to go, couldn't understand why I would do something like this. Well, needless to say, he enjoyed the day immensely and can not wait to go back. Now my challenge has become which spa to send him to. But I did learn my lesson regarding the pedicure - - he gets paraffin from now on. :tup::tup:
  9. hmm... maybe make him a fancy dinner (if you are the cooking type) or even have it catered to your place, and get something hawt to wear?
  10. Maybe something antique? Does he collect anything? Something rare from his childhood? I also like the idea for a night in a nice hotel, a little weekend trip!
  11. How about a memory photo book of you and him? I got that for my bf and he couldn't stop bragging it to all his friends. I think that gift topped all the other materialistic gifts I gave him in the past.
  12. Some great ideas, thanks guys. Will definitely look into the SPA, I think he would love this. He loves his products but don't think he's ever had a facial or anything. Do remember he let me put clear Nail Varnish and MAscara on once and he loved it (hope he doesn't read this, he'll be mortified :P)

    I'm not really the sentimental type, I think he might like something like that but he'd wonder who I was and what i'd done with his GF :roflmfao:
  13. I took my boyfriend to the Grove in the UK for his birthday, he loved it, he has everything, I planned the whole day and evening, he still thinks about it!LOL.
    Defo consider a pamper day, IMO guys would love to do something with you, so maybe sort out a couples spa day! Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
  14. I tend to go for activity gifts for my DH, since he has 'everything' too.

    Somethings I have done:
    green fees (golf)
    mini vacations
  15. You should do a couples day at the spa if it's not out of your budget! We did that when we went up north last year. We spent seriously 6-7 hours at the spa. We had time to just lounge around together and get pampered and then we sat in the steam jaccuzzi. It was really nice and the best thing was that we shared it together. He said if I just got him the package for himself, he wouldn't have enjoyed it as much because I wouldn't be getting the pampering I needed either. It was really cute.

    But i'm sure whatever you do, he'll love it!:smile:
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