gift ideas for professors

  1. Hi,

    I'm applying to grad school, and wanted to send a little thank-you gift to my professors who wrote me letters of rec.

    I've been looking online... but would appreciate some inspiration from you. I saw these personalized street signs Personalized Street Sign - Personal Creations

    it's fun, they could hang it up in the office..

    Anything you guys have tried before? Links would be helpful! thanks!
  2. When I applied to grad school, I gave all the professors and people who write me recs chocolates and a nice thank-you note. It doesn't need to be anything extravagant. I went to Godiva and picked up a mug that was pre-wrapped with biscotti, chocolates, and coffee beans in it. It seems like chocolate is a good gift because everyone loves sweets!
  3. ^^^^That's a great idea. I love Godiva chocolates! Chocolate and a card are simple, yet memorable.
  4. And I was going to suggest alcohol :greengrin:

    But what cutiepie21 says is a better idea.
  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    actually, one of them has this display of various beer bottles on a top shelf... i was thinking of getting him a personalized one..

    chocolate is a good idea..
  6. once we got chocolate covered strawberries. Gourmet food items are nice because they're thoughtful, somewhat fancy, always appreciated and will never clutter their area up in case they don't like it because it'll go straight to the stomach!
  7. I think chocolates as gifts are a great idea. Everytime I get chocolates, I never have complained. :biggrin:
  8. i always get godiva chocolates as thank-you gifts for professors, nurses that i thought were extra sweet on the ward, etc. you can never go wrong with good ole fashioned chocolates.

    a nice fountain pen also works, or if they are a caffeine junky, i sometimes go to starbucks where i'll buy a mug and fill up with a gift card and other random stuff.
  9. u cant go wrong with chocloates.. when i graduated from college last summer.. me and my grad project team brought together a huge Patchi wodden box (filled with patchi!) for our dearest professior.. + flowers. :love:
    visit a chocolate fancy store.. u'll find cute pre wrapped creative *yummy* things..:graucho:
  10. I did the same thing for my profs who wrote me letters. Our campus has a Starbucks so I decicided to get a giftcard for there....even if they don't drink coffee they can get hot chocolate/parties, etc.
  11. I got small gift baskets for all of my professors who wrote me letters of recommendation. I made the giftbaskets myself, and went around to different stores and bought things that I knew my profs liked and put it in the basket, put in a handwritten (I hate when people type thank you notes!) thank you note, wrap it up in celophane, put a pretty ribbon on it and delivered :smile:
  12. Professors always appreciate books too! If you know a new book in your subject area just came out, that's always a great gift to get. Tea or coffee sets also go over well too. A gift certificate to a restaurant is always nice.
  13. Chocolates and a hand written note would be appropriate. In fact, a handwritten note would do. Personalized gifts to Professors is usually considered inappropriate.
  14. As someone who has written these letters, this is my take--I think the chocolates are a great idea. I've gotten flowers too, which is always nice. I've also gotten fancy pens--and those don't excite me too much. But you should know that your profs really don't expect anything--writing these letters is part of our job--and wouldn't want you to be too extravagent if you do feel the need to make a gesture.
  15. I think there is also a group that allows you to purchase an animal overseas - like a goat or a chicken for a village - sounds a little crazy, but a former boss of mine got one and he loved it. You get a certficate. Maybe heffers international or something?

    Chocolate is a great idea too.