Gift ideas for my secretary?

  1. I was wondering if anyone has good secretary gift ideas. I am thinking something around $50. My best idea so far is an Amazon gift certificate, but perhaps I can do better than that. She is turning 46 and is a pretty normal working mom of 2 girls around college age.

    Any suggestions?
  2. A gift cert to her local spa.
    Manicure or Pedicure???
  3. What are her interests? Does she have any hobbies? Give her a gift certificate to her favorite store or to something to do with her hobby.
  4. I have always gotten my assistants food, big bags of jelly beans, Godiva chocolate, etc. Those always seem to be well received. And if they want, they can share with other support staff.
  5. I would think a spa gift certificate with a small goodie bag full of treats
  6. How about a gift certificate to one of her favorite restaurants? That way she can enjoy your gift with friends, family, etc.
  7. Yes, it would help if you could tell us her hobbies/interests. I am a secretary myself and personally would like vintage typewriter jewelry like this but she might not :smile:



    Does she like to drink coffee?
  8. I would give her something personal instead of food, so she can "call it her own." I also like the spa idea -- maybe a massage or a facial. Something pampering.
  9. Just my personal opinion and I do apologise if it sounds ungrateful but if I was your secretary and I had been with you for a while and worked my butt off I would be disappointed with a gift certifcate. Obviously I wouldn't expect anything at all but if I was to receive a gift I would hope that a little bit of thought had gone into it and that if I had worked for you for a while you would've have gotton to know one or two personal details about me.
  10. ITA with the pamper/spa sessions.
    That would be so cute with nice chocolates & champagne?

  11. A spa certificate would go over well with me! ;) And maybe some of her favorite candy or coffee?
  12. You know, if you have any ideas about her hobbies--does she like movies, wine-tastings, even the spa gc is a great idea--I would say whatever gift you give, take a minute to write a nice note on a card to go with it--that will probably mean a great deal to her.
  13. My assistant's a big foodie and traveler, so last year, I put together a package of gift certificates from 5 restaurants in NYC, all with different cuisines. I printed out a map and marked each country to correspond with the cuisines and bought a passport holder and put it all in there.

    I would advise against the Amazon certificate, since it might seem impersonal. I like the spa idea but how many times can you do that before it becomes cliche?

    How about a GC for a class? Music lessons, language lessons, pastry/cooking classes, pottery, whatever's she's into.

    Maybe a personal chef for a day? Maybe dinner cruise for her and her daughters?
  14. Just some desk-related ideas:
    How about a personalized desk set? Or one of those aero garden kits for her desk? A crystal picture frame?