Gift ideas for a new mom

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  1. Hi All,

    A co-worker of mine just had an adorable little boy last week and I want to get them a gift. Other co-workers of mine have given little gifts here and there and we all chipped in and bought her a Target gift card, but I still want to get them something just from me. A couple of people from my work suggested just buying her diapers instead of bringing over a bunch of other things that she doesn't really need, but I don't just want to buy diapers, KWIM? lol.

    So, my question is what kind of gift can I get her for new baby boy aside from clothes and diapers? I want to get something that is useful and I don't know what she already has for him. I was also thinking of getting her something like a little spa set from Bath and Body Works or something, but would that be weird? Should I just focus on the baby?

  2. If you want to give something for her and the baby... maybe a gift certificate would be good? They deliver formula, diapers, etc. to your door. It's real nice to not have to leave the house for that stuff especially in the very beginning!!
  3. I think getting something for mom is thoughtful. A spa set would be nice get something unscented if you can unless you know what scents she likes. You can always make her a food basket even a spa basket, mani/pedi gift certifcate, restaurant gift card. Do you know if she has a baby registry? If you arent sure you can always check online at the usual suspects babiesrus, Target etc. she may have things on there that werent purchased. Another idea you can get her a portrait package certificate from Sears, Picture People etc.
  4. Classic baby books: Hungry Caterpillar, Good night Moon, Brown Bear,Brown Bear , Guess How Much I Love you.

    She will appreciate that you are contributing to her child's literacy.
  5. What about a cute photo album for her handbag or diaper bag that she can put new pics of her son in. Or, a keychain that holds a photo - Brighton and Coach both make cute ones for decent prices.
  6. It is funny that you mention literacy. We work for the Florida Center for Reading Research at Florida State University! I study literacy all day long! LOL! I know some people have gotten her some books so I will have to see which ones they got for her.

    These are some great ideas, ladies! Thank you for the suggestions!
  7. What about a edible arrangement or gift card to a local restaurant ? My husband's boss sent one of these edible arrangements and it was great. Food is always a great gift because when you have a baby you don't have time to cook and everyone needs nourishment.
  8. I would get her a massage gift certificate. Chances are she is really stressed out and tired. This will make her feel relaxed and pampered.
  9. Hi Fashionista,
    Maybe a nice robe for the mom and a blankie for the baby. My robe was my best friend after giving birth.
  10. i think the spa certificate sounds good! i would love to get that
  11. LOL.. I guess that would be too funny since she is your co-worker. All of the other suggestions are wonderful. You can also give her a 1 year subscription to a parenting magazine.
  12. HA! my bestfriend is just about to have a baby and Im going through the same dilemna.

    I think a massage or a mani/pedi gift certificate is a great idea.

    I also like the idea of a robe and some comfy slippers would be great ;]
  13. You ladies have given me some great suggestions! I went to the mall yesterday and picked up some things for both mom and baby. I wish I could have done more, but I am on a grad student budget!

    Anyway, for the baby, I got him some bath stuff: two really soft towels and one is one of those hooded towels and the hood is a little bear face, it is so cute! Oh, and a rubber ducky, and a little plush duck that quacks when you squeeze it (I got it from Baby Gap along with the bear hooded towel). And then for my co-worker, I got her a little spa set from Bath and Body Works. I know she likes the store, so hopefully she will like what I got for her and the baby!
  14. that is very sweet of you! i'm sure new mommy and baby will love it!