Gift Ideas For A Man

  1. Hi everyone. I need help! My SO's birthday is on Friday:love: and I would like to give him a sentimental:heart: gift, but I can't think of any!! Can you lovely PFers please offer some suggestions. Thank you!! BTW, he'll be the big FOUR ZERO.
  2. Does he have any interests? Are you on a budget?

    Maybe a home cooked meal? Does he listen to music? Maybe you could get tickets to a concert/show he might like? How about electronics? Or a scrapbook/framed picture of you two?
  3. Well, I don't know where you are located, but how about taking him on a short plane ride to somewhere nice and have a nice dinner on Friday night, then stay one night and come home Saturday. If that is a no go..most guys like zany things like rides on F-18 jets and such. He might puke though, but guys usually like that too.
  4. I made my a book for his was a bit cheesy, but got a binder and white A4 paper, and wrote a story of our relationship complete with photos....he really loved it, and although it was totally homemade....I think i is one of the best gifts that I have ever given him. could always take him to a Karaoke bar and sing him a love song...even if you would be romantic for you to suck in public for his b-day!
  5. hmm well depending on your budget and what he likes here are some ideas..

    - Laptop
    - TV he's drooling over..
    - Wallet
    - Mobile phone
    - Something for the car? Chrome wheels or somethin?
    - Fancy pen
    - Watch

    Plus on the present you could make him a wonderful dinner with candle light and get dressed up ^_^ he'll be suuuuper happy :biggrin:
  6. What are some of his interests? The guys that I know are usually into anything electronics/sports related.
  7. that depends on his interests...
    i got my bf a philosophy books or leather bags...
  8. Does he like jewelry? Maybe something that is in style like platinum gold or silver dog tags and maybe get them engraved? Or a ring maybe?

    My bf is a huge Boston Celtics fan and so one year one of the presents that I had gotten him was an authentic NBA Boston Celtics jersey of his favorite player. I got it at the the NBA store, which can be pricey but they have lot's of stuff that guys like, especially if they are into sports! Not the most sentimental gift but he loved it and was genuinely surprised!
  9. It depend of your budget

  10. hmm on my SO's bday:

    I baked him a red velvet cake and sang happy bday to him wearing "something" and 5 inch pumps.

    He said it was the best bday he ever had :yes:
  11. ^^ That is so funny. I did the same thing (but I bought the cake since I can't cook). My bf said the same thing. Some guys are so simple..