Gift Ideas for 8 yr old boy?

  1. Argh, I'm having so many problems trying to figure out what to get my nephew for his birthday. I know he likes dirt bike racing, but he has mostly all the equipment for it and I really was not looking at spending a HUGE amount of money on him. My sis doesn't even have suggestions as to what to get him and DH says a gift card would be too blah. He will be turning eight. any suggestions? I'm not good at guessing gifts for boys. Thanks!
  2. A few questions. Do you get along well with the parents? If not, I have a suggestion. Something loud or with glitter. :roflmao: If you like them, I would go with a gift card. If the parent can't tell you what the child likes, how are you supposed to know? Sorry if that sounded harsh.
  3. For some reason, I don't think soap would go over too well with a boy who's into dirt bike racing.

    I think there's a Lego line with dirtbikes and such. Maybe something along those lines. T still plays with his Legos and he's almost 12.
  4. Thanks guys! Yeah, he used to be a super clean freak when he was 4 but now he wants to be more down and dirty. I get along with his parents so I'll try not to pick out glitter stuff, lol. My sis keeps saying that he has almost everything. I'm like, gee, this is not helpful!

    Thanks Charles for that legos idea. I will take a look into that. I have no kids myself so I struggle with ideas.
  5. I feel like a dork but I always buy my little cousins (mind you they are a little younger than 8) books. :p
  6. How about a subscription to like Nickelodeon magazine?
  7. What about taking him out to dirt bike and then some cake and ice cream or somethin?
  8. i'm with the lego sets, they are pretty intricate..the ferrari was a good idea, or some of the star wars lego sets.

    my son has a lego set that has a motor on it, he really enjoys that. it keeps him occupied, and is good for the mind.
  9. My son is this age and if I gave him soap he would probably cry lol.. they are cute though, but not for a boy this age. How about star wars stuff? Most boys this age are into something - star wars, spider man etc. Lego star wars sets are great. Also target, walmart and kmart have these great magnet sets - tons of little magnets they can build stuff with. Remote control race cars are good. That kid digital camera above would be a great gift for this age too.
  10. I agree! My son is 8 and soap would not make him happy at all. Maybe for a girl.

    If you nephew is into Power rangers, its all the rage now! They have DVDs, action figures etc.

    Here are some random ideas ---TAKEN STRAIGHT FROM MY SON'S MOUTH:
    1- Pokeman or Yugiyu trading cards
    3- HEELIES (sneakers that have wheels, they can be used as shoes or turn into skates.
    4- NINTENDO DS and games (fantastic four is a new one)
    6- BIONICLES ( these are legos with different shapes--you build them to make knights, creatures etc.)
    7- Scooter
    My son also wants to tell you if you are willing to spend some money...please buy him a laptop!
    So the above list is basically his wish list!
    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!
  11. Our Target carries some neat toys that are made by National Geographic. Some of them are really cool, and also educational.