Gift Ideas for 11 year old niece

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  1. My niece will be turning 12 at the end of the month and I'm stumped on what to buy her for Christmas/Birthday. Gift cards won't work because she likes to open up packages. She has an Ipod and Digital Camera on her list but her parents are being secretive so more than likely they plan to get them. She likes basketball, ice/roller skating, rock climbing, baking, reading books and Chris Brown. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  2. I have an almost 11 yr old girl..She loves Book gift cards.If you wrap a GC up in a box with maybe a little something else.I think thats great.Thats age is TOUGH!
    If she has a cell phone..see if you can get her fun accessories.IThey make all kinds of cool accessories for kids now.
  3. If you can find out from her parents if they are buying the Ipod, you could get her some accessories for that (case, etc.).

    My DD will be 12 in January. She likes handbags (of course! :rolleyes: ), silver jewelry with initials and hair accessories. T-shirts with designs are also popular. Her favorite stores are and - they both have nice gifts in a range of prices.

    Good luck! This is a tough age to buy for. :smile:
  4. Maybe you can get her a giftcard from her favorite stores. Maybe a small purse (Coach, D&B).
  5. I just bought her a cell phone that was suppose to be for her Birthday but when she came down for Thanksgiving I gave it to her. I like the accessories idea and I think she will to.

  6. ^ No prob! I just got my daughter a new cell today..I got a ton of cool accessories
    A purse style phone holder,plates to change the color of the phone..etc..PLUS you can get little gift cards there too to add songs and games to their phones as well!
    Good luck!I have to admit this year was VERY tough SHOPPING!!!LOL!
  7. my daughter is 11 too, she loves heeleys (trainers on wheels) they are fantastic, and she is also into hello kitty items, so you could maybe get her an ipod accessorie, I also got my daughter an I-cat for Christmas, its a light up cat accessorie for the ipod that dances and moves.
    Good luck, you cant go wrong with little jewellery and accessories too, mainly things they can keep in their pockets!! ;)

  8. My daughter is 11 as well and yes difficult to buy for! She likes to bake as well so I put together an apron, chef hat, cook book and baking utensils. My son, also 11, likes to cook, not bake, so he got the same except pots/pans and a quesadilla maker. We also did a small Coach bag.
  9. chloe-babe, The i-cat is cute and she's silly enough to appreciate it. Thanks for the idea

    shoegal, Cute idea she asked for a easy bake oven but I told her she graduated to the big oven long ago so I know she'll love it. I think I'll even include some of the recipes and ingredients that we bake together when she comes to visit.

    Coachlover123, gift cards don't go over well with her for Christmas/Birthday presents, she likes opening gifts. I know I can wrap the gift card up in a box but I've tried it before and it was a huge disaster. As For The purse I think I'll go for a wristlet, ipod case or skinny, and some sneakers.
  10. I just got my kids a POINT AND SHOOT digital camcorder. It holds 30 minutes of video, the quality is great, comes with cords to view on tv and a program to burn it on a disc. Only $90 and if you go to the website they are having a rebate. My five YO can work it and hasnt put it down since he got it. Really cute.
  11. ohh love that!
  12. Hi, how about this as a birthday gift?

    Etsy :: Basket Ball Lovers Soap


    I've ordered a golf ball soap (meant to be a Christmas present for my boss) but haven't received it yet (understandable as I live in Singapore).

    Do you think your niece will like unusual bookmarks? If so, there are nice ones on Etsy.
  13. joyOUZ is an artist on Etsy I've posted about lots of times, and I make no apologies for posting about her again :smile: She makes personalised bookmarks like this:

    Etsy :: Personalized Calligraphy Bookmark2 - Original Art - One of a Kind


    and her booklaces are unique and lovely. Perhaps you could contact her on Etsy to see if she could make a personalised one in time for your niece?

    Etsy :: HUGS n HEART Booklace Book and Necklace


    Bookmark by candice:

    Etsy :: I find television very educational. Every time someone turns it on, I go in the other room and read a book.

  14. Maybe a little Coach handbag? A special necklace or bracelet? I bought a sterling silver heart necklace for my niece this year and the handbag last year. A pair of Uggs, if she's into many of the teenagers are! (Me too, I admit!)

    Or in another direction, a big stuffed animal, or a portable DVD player?