Gift Idea

  1. My Grandmothers b-day is comming up and i though she could maby use a new agenda cuz she uses liek a 80's mono one lol. Time for a new look and change, the Vendredi Agenda is what i had in mind. Does anyone on the forum have one otherwise i have to go in to check it out.

    Note: she is not you average grandmother (only cuz doctors today do miracle's with plastic lol)

  2. Elle has one in Black. Its more for drawing I believe but w/e
  3. 2 things sign back on aim matt and also maby its good for drawing but it could be used as something else no?
  4. The Vendredi Agenda is a great choice! It can be used as a drawing, notes, etc - but it's meant for be used as an agenda. I would get that for her, it's cute!

    By the way, where is Jersey?
  5. MC is a great choice!

    PS: I support plastic surgury lol
  6. You can choose to have white paper or lined paper, so it doesn't have to be for drawing. Here are some pics I took for another PF'er awhile ago to show how the refills work. I forget if they initially come with the agenda or separately :shrugs:


    And a frontal shot:

    Hope you decide to get one for your grandma...I'm sure she'll love it! I know mine would (she has a black MC Alma)! :yes:
  7. nice pix! :drool:
  8. Nice pictures and very cool grandmother.
  9. I think the multicolor would look great.
  10. aww! you are so sweet! the mc in black is a fab choice!
  11. Woo thanks for the pics gota show my mom cuz she paying lol but i really like it in black
  12. Oh My Goodness, elle your Black MC collection is so AMAZING! :drool:
  13. It's gorgeous! And I love the name- "Friday" agenda.
  14. I believe he means New Jersey ;)
  15. I didn't know they had Louis Vuitton there.