Gift Idea Here!

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  1. There is this great line of books called 24/7. You can get America 26/7 filled with photos taken over a single 7 day period across the country. There are also books on cats, dogs or individual states.

    Here's the REALLY COOL THING! You can download one of your own photos and they will print the cover (same back as the bookstore copy, same flyleaf as the bookstore copy) with YOUR PHOTO on the cover! I did one for my husband with our kids on the cover. Its GORGEOUS!

    You just go to the website, choose the book, download the photo and they ship the whole shebang to you. There's even still time to do it before Xmas without using FedEx.

    I KNOW there are dog lovers out there who would like this....

  2. This is perfect!!! Thanks ISSMOM!!!!:love:
  3. Sounds good! I was going to do something like on the image station site :biggrin: Theirs doesnt look as good though.