Gift idea for DH soon-to-be a Dad?

  1. Any ideas for a nice "coach-of-the-pusher" present???

    He's been so wonderful with my difficult pregnancy and I think Dads should get a little something special, too. I'd love some ideas!

  2. I know these were silly presents but I got my husband an LV wallet and Keep All.
  3. maybe a surprise family photo shoot with your new born as soon as he comes out?
  4. AL: good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and please keep us posted with pics and stories of your newborn.

    as for presents, something sentimental would be sweet. How about this?$$%2Foccasion%2Fnew+baby%2Fbaby+shower@@30$$-12678@@35$$12678&catOid=-12678&oid=24091234&nc2=1

    it depends on the kind of person your hubby is. if he likes practical gifts then a watch would be a nice present too.
  5. Thanks, C! Will do!

    Love this idea!!!:heart:
  6. This may sound kind of cheesy but how about a daddy-and-me outfit? Or a onesie with "I love my Dad" or something similar on it? My boys each have a shirt that says "Dad's Best Buddy" (got it for Father's Day) and my husband always gets a kick out of seeing them wear it.
  7. A coffee machine for DH...he'll need it for sure!!!
  8. Isn´t the baby enough:p Honestly I don´t think men need anything, they aren´t doing the pushing!

    What I would suggest is a night out with the guys!
  9. oo im so stealing ideas from here hehe
  10. bumping this Fathers Day is in 2 weeks. the sonogram picture frame is a cute idea.