Gift i got my mom. We'll be bag twins!

  1. I bought the Khaki/Mahogany Ergo hobo for my mom because i got tired of her using her fake goach. She has a real Coach bag but she only wants to use it for special occassions because it's not a everyday bag for her, its the studded gallery tote in Gold. So she needed a everyday bag and her favorite color is the khaki signature. So i went on a hunt to buy one for her. I went to my local outlet and got soo lucky! There was one ergo hobo in khaki left. The others were the totes and she doesn't like those. So i snatched that up as soon as i saw it. It was $143.99 before tax. But I actually spent $117 out of pocket cause I had a little $$ left in my gift card. I have the exact same bag in chocolate. Pics are shown with both of our bags together. And I also have a pic of our charms on our bags. We'll kinda be bag twins! :p
    0.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg
  2. how sweet of you... both colors are beautiful!!!:heart:
  3. you are so sweet. how cute you and your mom will be twins.
  4. haha thanks! i like being bag twins cause i love my mom so much. I don't mind going out and shopping or doing whatever and sporting our bags at the same time.
  5. Yeah- my mom actually had the NERVE to take a Goach on a trip to Chicago and I told her she had to wait outside the Coach store on Michigan avenue while I shopped. She looked like she was going to cry. We went inside and bought her a new Coach purse and I told her she was NOT allowed to use that horrible purse again. That was her third Coach (1st was swingpack and 2nd was a signature business tote I gave her) and I haven't seen the ugly Goaches since.

    Congrats on being your purse twin with your mum.
  6. thanks coachfreak! I know I was so disgusted everytime she used it. I too told her to never use that bag again haha.
  7. :yahoo:We do what we can!
  8. thats so sweet...your bags look great!
  9. How cute!!!! This is my favorite bag!!!! You were soooo lucky to find one at your outlets!!!! I'm jealous!!!!!
  10. So sweet of you!!
  11. How sweet, the bag is gorgeous...I love the brass heart keychain too!
  12. What a great deal.. and a sweet daughter!!! :tup:
  13. What a nice daughter you are! Both bags are gorgeous, enjoy!
  14. This is wonderful! Your mom is going to be so excited! :tup:
  15. How sweet of you! I bet your mom is going to be very excited! Congrats on getting a good deal at the outlets!