Gift help!

  1. I'm from the UK and visiting an American friend in a couple of weeks. She's kind enough to let me stay with her for my 2 week stay so I want to give her something to say thank you, but I have no idea what to get. I know there's a lot of US girls on here (or maybe others have some ideas?), but what British things do you love/can't get in the US/would appreciate as a gift? Literally anything- snacks, bands, tv shows etc!
  2. ok, do you have sticky toffee pudding?? visit me and bring that
  3. I love English chocolate candy bars, nothing compares. I would want a big assortment of chocolate candy if you were coming to see me!
  4. Just bring Brendan Coyle with you and you're golden!
  5. Do you know of any beauty products from the UK that she'd like to have? A little basket full of nail polishes, eye shadows, etc and some UK chocolates would be a sweet and thoughtful gift.
  6. yeah i was thinking of something like that, gonna do a little bit of research about what brands aren't available to her in the us. and lots of cadburys chocolate lol! thanks everyone :smile:
  7. Whatever you end up getting her, I'm sure she'll appreciate it! :smile:
  8. Are you able to buy Fortnum & Mason products where you live, or do you need to go to London? Their teas, chocolates and chutneys are my absolute favorites, and their products are my only souvenirs when I visit London.
  9. ooh that's an idea- i'm in london this weekend as it happens! may have to venture in!
  10. I loved the plastic tote bag from Harrods that a friend brought me!
  11. I second that one! My husband just brought one back for me when he went to London on business. I also agree with the tea suggestion. :smile:
  12. This would be a great gift idea. A friend once gave me Fortnum & Mason chocolates and they're divine :smile:.
  13. Best answer in this thread if you ask me. :biggrin:

    How about a little something from Harrods or F&M?