Gift giving etiquitte

  1. What do you do if someone that you didn't think you were going to exchange gifts with got you something? One of my roommates got me a gift, but when she was talking about xmas shopping she was saying that she was on a tight budget and couldn't get stuff for all the people she wanted to. I got home today and I had a gift waiting for me. A coworker that I didn't think liked me also got me a gift. I always find myself so embarrassed in these situations.
  2. There's really nothing you can do but express gratefulness. I guess the next opportunity for gift giving comes (i.e. their birthday or next x-mas), you can get them something in return.
  3. I always keep extra "gifts" around for those instances. I have had several random neighbors give me gifts and it was nice to be able to go get "theirs." What I keep around are wrapped chocolates and random gift cards to Best Buy, Home Depot and Amex ones. I also keep Christmas cards in envelopes so I just have to jot the persons name down and viola a gift! I did this when I worked too. It always amazed me how many co-workers gave me things!
  4. ^^ Thats a good idea. I will def be doing that next year.
  5. That is a really good idea. I, too, always have gifts in my closet that I can go to when needed but I don't have cards written out. I'm going to have to start doing that. I'm a PartyLite consultant (though do very little these days) and have a spare bedroom full of brand new PartyLite so I can always grab something from there quickly if need be. I also keep bath and body products on hand for neighbours or co-workers.
  6. Ugh, I hate when that happens, but you know what? They've probably experienced that too (someone giving them something and they have nothing in return.) I just make sure to give them a Christmas gift the next year :smile:
  7. Great idea to have a few extra gifts around just in case!

    I actually was on the opposite end of this over Christmas...I got someone I hadn't known for very long a gift and they got me a card, a very thoughtful card actually with a lot of very thoughtful things written inside.... I wasn't expecting a gift; rather, I was so excited that I found something this person would truly love without it being too OTT. Seeing their excitement in how well I nailed it was more than enough for me. I would so rather get something like a thoughtful card rather than some hastily picked-out gift which they felt "obligated" to get me in return, KWIM?

    I really enjoy writing thank you notes on elegant Cranes if I get a gift but didn't get that particular person a gift myself, I make an extra effort to write a thoughtful thank you note ("bread and butter note" as my Mom would call them).
  8. I ALWAYS keep a few boxes of GODIVA hanging around.....Someone ALWAYS surprises this i MAKE sure i do every year!
  9. ^ I wouldn't be able to do that. I'd eat it all.
  10. Yea chocolate in my posession never lasts long.
  11. I always keep extra gifts around. Whenever I see something cute on clearance (candles keychains etc) I put it in a box. I use these to add to a smaller gift I got someone for a birthday or whatever or as just in case gifts. Though next year I might not... everyone I bought gifts for outside my family this year said "Oh I didn't get yours yet" which usually means "I had no intention of getting you anything"

    The holidays really tired me out this year- I spent a lot of time searching out perfect gifts and I put together lots of treat boxes for people I know who are still in school and sent them in the mail as surprises... in return I got two Christmas cards and only two of the 6 people I sent treats to even told me they got it, let alone thanked me.
  12. keeping the extra gifts around is a great idea!

    It always happens with those "on the line" kind of people, like neighbors and coworkers that you arent sure if you should or shouldn't get a gift. Chocolate sounds like a pretty good idea. What other stuff is a good "universal" gift?
  13. My best friend and I had agree not to exchange this year, but when she came by our Christmas Eve party she brought me a little something. I loved it, thanked her, and told her that our next lunch was on me. We have a very easy going relationship, so no big deal.

    It might be a good idea to buy an extra couple of gifts to wrap up around the holidays for an instance like that, though, especially if you weren't as close to them (unlike my circumstance above). Then you could say, "Oh, thank you! Let me go grab yours," then write their name on the tag and give it to them. I might feel bad doing that, though, haha.
  14. Ugh, that's the worst! I give gifts to give gifts... not to receive. However, I hate though when you go out of your way to get something for someone and they don't even bother to thank you! A thank you can mean so much more than a gift in return!
  15. Thats so sweet of you to make these nice gifts to people, but a bummer that they don't appreaciate it. I always thank a person several times when they give me a gift so I hope I don't seem thoughtless esp if I don't have anything in return. Its just confusing as I don't even exchange presents with some of my closer friends and I get something from someone I consider an aquaintence. I think next year I will take the advice of fellow TPFers and get some additional presents to give out incase this happens again.