Gift giving advice????

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  1. 'Tis the season, and even the SAs get gifts. My SA is a great guy (as Loren has attested to in her thread), who really looks out for his clients' needs so I wanted to get him something. Hermes's policy is that SAs cannot accept gifts unless it can be shared by the entire staff in the store. Now, he doesn't drink, doesn't eat meat, but he will eat seafood and dairy. The staff in NYC watches their waistline (trust me on this, I always hear about their newest diet attempts in there). Being the huge foodie that I am, I was thinking of a nice food platter from a local gourmet shop. Now here's my dilemma, what exactly to get them. The staff has swelled to over 50 including the temporary holiday help and the platters below will be adequate to feed them. Here's my choices after carefully considering everyone's dietary requirements:

    2 fruit platters
    1 fruit platter and 1 crudite platter
    1 fruit platter and 1 fruit and cheese platter

    and a few bottles of sparkling apple juice or cider.

    Whatcha' think? Which should I get? Any other ideas? BTW, he is a by the books kinda guy, so none of this giving him a gift on the down low will work. He'll flat out refuse.
  2. I would probably pick option #2: I know that many people don't eat cheese either.....:yes:
  3. I would personally go with #3, especially if you know the cheeses will be of high quality. I feel it would all go well with the sparkling juice. (Nice touch I might add)
  4. I like #2. Lots of people prefer veggies.
  5. Option 2 I think.

    If they're constantly on some new diet and watching their waistlines, the cheese would be a no-no.

    Or if you think it sounds too lean, how about a crudite platter and a fruit and cheese platter (some veggies as well).

    Fruit and cheese actually go together surprisingly well. What's that saying about apple without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze?? LOL.
  6. Better to splurge on cheese than sweets!!! So European...
  7. Cheese could be hard to their waistlines, but i like the fruits and veggies idea.
  8. Fruit and cheese. You don't feel that you're splurging when you're eating fruit and cheese, after all you're only 'nibbling' ;). Plus 'tis the season after all - dieting is the number 1 New Year's resolution, so it can wait....
  9. HG, How thoghtful are you to think about your SA and staffs at this time of the year.. !! I personally would pick option #3 as KB mentioned, I liked th idea how cheese go with fine wine, and sparkling juices, or as Wong said, or you can have a little bit of everything, a crudite platter and a fruit and cheese platter.
  10. I'd go with #3 as well. Retail during the holidays is hard work and the fruit and cheese will keep them energized. That's so sweet of you!
  11. Yep! Count me in on #3 too.......great idea HG! They'll love it, I'm sure!!!!
  12. How about 1 crudite and 1 fruit and cheese platter?
  13. HG -
    Or how about a fruit platter and a crudite/cheese platter??!!
    How kind you are to your SA and your boutique.
  14. HG, what about a couple of boxes of Chocolates from Payard. The champagne truffles box has 40 pieces in each. One bite of decadence each...I hardly think that it will ruin their respective figures.

    A few bottles of sparkling cider would also be nice.

    Fruit and's ok but....who says No to Champagne Truffles from Payard?
  15. He likes to eat healthy.