Gift from the kids and hubby

  1. Today we had a mother's day brunch and then to LV to pick up a pick up a pomme cles. The kids saved some of there allowance for an LV gift and hubby was paying the difference so I was excited. At LV there were two SAs helping so it was kind of strange dividing the attention between the two. Our main SA brought the cles which hubby quickly looked. He then asked to see the Bedford, but I said I preferred red in smaller doses as an evening bag. He looked at the Reade PM and Lexington and both he and the SA agreed the Lexington was best for what I wanted. The other SA agreed the Lexington looked perfect on me. I said yes but knew I was not getting it, just the cles. By that time my little girl started making a fuss since she ran out of milk. The other SA asked if we wanted something to drink and I said just water so she brought out some for us to drink while we looked. Since they were being friendly, I asked about the chain for the accordian wallet (just to see if they had any). Her manager went to look it up and brought one out for us. Dh gave the nod to the SA and said "go ahead" and now the Pomme Lexington and chain are mine. :yahoo:

    Pomme Lexington with leather strap


    Pomme Lexington with chain strap

    pm.jpg pm2.jpg
  2. Ooohh i am so excited for you. Congrats. Love the lex with a chain. Actually i prefer all the smaller pieces like this one with chains, me thinks they are classier:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  3. wow congrats !!
  4. congrats ! so hot the color !
  5. It looks fantastic. Congrats.
  6. Thank you! I would have been happy with the cles as that was what I was expecting so the lexington came as a total surprise.
  7. Beautiful bag, congratulations!
  8. Wow, Disney!!!

    pomme Lexington!! :drool: completely mouth-watering gorgeous!!

    very cute w/the accordeon chain....classy classy! :yes:
  9. It looks beautiful with the chain, really makes it stand out. congrats
  10. Congratulations!!!
  11. congrats!! it's pretty
  12. Congrats! Such a lovely gift!
    Pomme is so nice!
  13. What a great Mother's Day surprise!! ~ gorgeous!!
  14. That's so sweet. Happy belated mothers day. I have the lexington in red and I really enjoy it. I love the chain strap. Did you purchased it seperately? How much was it?
  15. Gorgeous! that's so sweet of your kids, and your dh! congrats!