Gift from the Boyfriend!!! Pics!!!

  1. Hey Ladies! I was soo excited yesterday about my present from turns out it was a Patent Gallery Wristlet in Mahogany!!!! Yay!! It's soooo pretty! Here are the pics :yahoo:
    Patent Wristlet 005.jpg Patent Wristlet 004.jpg Patent Wristlet 006.jpg
  2. Wow - it's beautiful. That color is so rich! Your BF did very well.
  3. Congrats!! Beautiful wristlet. Your b/f has great taste if he picked that out on his own.
  4. Wow that is purdy! I am sooo into patent now it's not funny at all. :P
  5. love that color.
  6. oh, I love the color. It is sooo rich! Congrtas! Your boyfriend is sooo sweet!
  7. Beautiful! :girlsigh:
  8. I was seriously drooling over the patent when I looked at them in the boutiques. Good thing that they're patent, because I was in danger of damaging the goods if they weren't! :roflmfao:

    Very lovely gifts.
  9. Wow! He picked well. Love the color.
  10. What a sweet BF!!;)
  11. hoorah!
  12. Your BF is a keeper. He has excellent taste. Gorgeous color.
  13. beauty! what a honeybun he is!
  14. ooo very nice :smile:
  15. Oooh, hot color! It's beautiful!
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