Gift from Paris !! My Grandma..

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  1. It's so funny ! I can't believe it !
    Today I have think about getting a denim speedy for the spring and summer. But it's so expensive..:sweatdrop:
    And now I have one :yahoo: My Grandma is back from Paris and bought me a denim speedy there. Oh my god, I was so shocked as I saw her with the LV shoppingbag. And then she say: here thats for you :supacool:

    Of course I have made some pics :love:
    denim.JPG denim2.JPG denim3.JPG denim4.JPG
  2. it... u r one lucky gal..:tup::smile:
  3. How sweet of your grandma!
  4. Oh my gosh! You're grandma's so sweet. Congratulations, you look great with it! :flowers:
  5. Thats so pretty!! Congrats!! You have such a nice GM.
  6. Sorry to say, something looks very odd about this bag!
  7. its a sweet gesture from your gma!
  8. How sweet!! Congrats!!
  9. yessss I remember today you are asking about denim speedy... you are very lucky and you have a georgeus grandmother.:smile:)) have fun with your new goodie..
  10. thank you so much for all your lovely comments !! :shame:
  11. Ohh thats so sweet. congrats!!!
  12. What a doll your Gran is.. congratulations!!
  13. Awwww what a sweet Grandma you have! :heart: Congrats on your speedy! :smile:
  14. u r really pretty
    but I have to say, I don't know about that bag
  15. Wow! Look at gorgeous you with that gorgeous bag! I swear you could be in an ad for LV:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.