1. Strange but true...I drive home from the beach house for JUST one day today(for my daughters school orientation..!) and the fedex man rings the bell..I didnt order anything...hmmmm..especially when Im away at the beach for a week.
    Its from NM LAS VEGAS..OKAY?????????wth??...I open it and find these agate precious stone coasters and napkin rings..seriuosly freakin gorgeous...along with a card from my shoe SA much she appreciates my business and loves to help me...:wtf: :shrugs:

    Im floored...LOL....PHH looks at me and is like ..OH GOD JILL..DID you buy the ENTIRE FREAKIN store last week? Im like...UH..NO...I swear I didnt.......:shame: :rolleyes:

    Anyone ever have their SA send a GIFT?????Im kinda speechless...I do order ALL my shoes from her cuz shes totally cool and knows what I like
  2. Wow!! That's awesome!!! You do have a cool SA! The coasters and napkin rings sound gorgeous! Can you post the pics? :nuts:

    Nope, never had any SA sent me any gifts, just thank you notes at most.
  3. Ruby loves you! She swooned over you when I called and said your name!

    I have never gotten a gift from an SA. I have one regular SA and she calls me all the time about special events and what not, but no gifts.
  4. My digital camera broke on my first day of my beach vacation..which totally sucked..I ordered a new one from DELL today.....will post pics of them when it gets here later this week!!LOL!
  5. Sorry to hear about your camera, it's completely not salvageable? Looking forward to seeing the pics though!!! hey, now you have another justification to say to your PHH whenever you buy from NM! :yes:
  6. I'd love to see pics of these! They sound so pretty!
  7. They sound fabulous. You have such a nice SA sending you gifts. I can't wait to see pics!
  8. Wow Jill! That's so awesome! I can't wait to see pictures!! :heart:
  9. Awww sooo cute!!!
  10. Thats so fab - never had a gift myself but then I am not sure my purchases on in your league LOL!!:yes:
  11. aww what a great SA Jill!! The gift sounds beautiful, can't wait to see pics
  12. Wow! What a great SA! Nice to read about an awesome SA from Neiman's.
  13. That's awesome! How nice of her to send you such a great gift :nuts: Enjoy it!
  14. That is SO SWEET!!!:nuts: I have yet to get anything from any of SAs I buy from!!!:crybaby::lol:
  15. I've never gotten a gift from an SA! So tell me, those three stone coasters... are they LV?? Because I have a set of LV coasters (3 stone coasters) I bought on Ebay and I have never seen them anywhere else! Are they like these: