Gift from Dillards, no receipt, Want to return it.

  1. Hi everyone. My mother got a Coach bag as a gift from Dillards from her Aunt not too long ago. We do not have a Dillards around here, and she wants to return it. Will Coach take the return w/o receipt? Or does Coach not take returns from other stores?

    I would think they would take it back if it's brand new with tags?

  2. Depends on the purse. Is it a department store exclusive or does COACH sell it too?
  3. The bag is in the outlets I believe now, its a bleeker i think..i'll go look again but im pretty sure it's in the outlets.
  4. Dillard's puts a yellow label on the tag that you should be able to return it with that. :yes:
  5. that bag is about $110 at the outlets and coach would give you the lowest price it sells for. i believe. i perconally think you should take it back to the place you got it(dillards) and they will go with the yellow sticker. or, you can sell it.
  6. ^ I agree that you should take it to Dillards as that is where you will probably get the most $$$ for it!
  7. Nope actualy if you have the Coach tag on the bag...Coach will give your the price on the tag, but they would put it on a gift card :smile:
  8. Yup. They give you a store credit for the price on the tag. But personally, I feel it's a bit "dishonest" to return a bag from another store to the Coach boutique because the price at which you got it from from Dillard's may be less than Coach.
  9. As long as you're honest with the Coach retail store about the situation and they accept your return, then so be it. It never hurts to ask. I would not be sneaky about it, though. Good luck!
  10. If you take it to Dillards, they will give you the price paid (they get this from the little yellow sticker) on a gift card without a receipt.
  11. Thanks everyone but I don't have a Dillards anywhere near me, i'll just tell coach what happened
  12. i agree
  13. Let us know!! I hope it all goes well for you!!:yes: