GIFT from BF!!! Which Shoe Do I Pick????

  1. Dior ! Those Gucci's would look better on a pole dancer.
  2. I love the Dior :love:
  3. gucci!
  4. Is the heel on the Gucci supposed to be kind of bent like that? I like the shoe, just wondering about the heel.....

    The Diors are cute. I vote for the Diors.
  5. Gucci!!
  6. dior
  7. I like the Dior shoes best out of the two :biggrin:
  8. Dior!
  9. Dior matches the brown spy and it looks nice and practical , However you should try them first if there is a store near you that sells them- I tried them on In BH Saks bc I liked the way they look and the "knot" on the side was really hurting when walking , may be it's just me , but def try them before buying it on eBay ... so you can enjoy it :smile: Good luck
  10. the guccis are a bit over-the-top. i think the diors would be more wearable, and i really like the tortoise detailing on them!
  11. argh.... I"m so stuck.... I love both of them... and the votes seem to still be split....

    BF says if I can't decide on one...then I get nothing.... argh.... why must this be so complicated?
  12. hehe, that's a great way to force you to make a decision. :lol:
    well, which pair does he like more then?
  13. I like the heel on the gucci.
  14. I like the Gucci's. I have a black pair with the same copper colored bamboo heel ( and yes, it's supposed to bend under like that). Anyway, both pair are lovely but if the Gucci's fit your personality, you should go with them.

  15. LOL :lol: Well... he said the only opinion he has on the shoes.... is that he'd rather me get THEM instead of a new Spy :amuse:

    He'd like to remain neutral, so that I can't say he bought the shoes for him to stare at me in