GIFT from BF!!! Which Shoe Do I Pick????

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  1. WHEEEEEEE!!!!! Sooooooo BF has said that he wants to support my new-found shoe craze with his latest house sale (realtor), and offers to purchase one of the two from Ebay for me. :amuse:

    Which do you girls like better.... or neither one??? I have a dark chocolate Spy and am looking to match these with it mostly

    1. Dior Gold Tortoise Shell Wedge ..... $380 US Retail = $650 as on eluxury right now

    2. Gucci Gold Python Pumps... used, missing 1x crystal .... $199 US .... Retail = ???
    DIOR.jpg GUCCI.jpg GUCCI1.jpg
  2. I like the first one. Second one has too much going on and the gold is very metallicky. What a sweet BF! Mine would never in a million years buy me shoes. :sad: LOL!
  3. they both look hideous....sorry
  4. I like the Dior also.
  5. lol, thank you for your opinion. well.... I told him I was looking to purchase another spy.... and he said he'd rather get me hooked on shoes... much much cheaper :biggrin:
  6. THe Gucci are darling but they look way too SERIOUS...Way too high in my world. I am falling down just looking at them!!! They look like a shoe for an older woman that works in a night club or something. The wedges are young and FUN and so in for summer! I say DIOR!!!
  7. i'm not in love with either, but if i had to choose i'd go with the dior......the guccis are a little too over the top for me :shame:
  8. Dior wedges!!!
  9. Dior!!!
  10. I like both a whole lot, especially the heel of the gucci... but let's be practical. You should get the dior. :smile:
  11. dior much better than gucci. i'm not into gold though...
  12. dior!
  13. I love the heels on the Gucci's but I say Dior as well :biggrin:
  14. I am not a fan of gold shoes ... but i like the gucci
  15. I am over the top so I love the Guccis. But the Diors are more practical. You can rock them either dressed up or dressed down. With the Guccis, you definitely have to be on point with your attire.