Gift for wife

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  1. Need some help ladies - my wife mentioned she would like a nice designer purse for Christmas. I have no idea where to even start. I'm familiar with some brands - Prada, LV, Gucci. But, like most typical guys - I don't get it. If some of you would recommend a nice purse for my lovely wife I would greatly appreciate it.

    Some things to keep in mind:
    Budget around $500 (she'd be proud if i found a really good deal)
    We have two toddlers - she's a full-time Mom
    Something practical - she'll want to carry (use) it a lot
    Something obviously designer - prominent logo
    :confused1: Thanks for your help
  2. Welcome, dpatlarge. Are you absolutely positive you want a prominent logo? :smile: What bag or bags do/does your lovely wife carry at the moment?
  3. My thoughts are - If it's a designer purse, I'd like it to be noticed. She probably would too. The subtle use of the logo (VL) in patterns is nice. I suppose a prominent logo isn't necessary as long as it's obvious what brand it is by some distinctive style or mark.

    Thanks again
  4. 1 important question: does she like shoulder bags, or hand-carried?

    You may want to consider Coach - it's within your price range, and they have some nice, stylish bags that are well-made - in both logo fabric and in leather. Downside: At least where I live, everyone and their sister carries Coach, even the high school girls.

    If you can go a little higher in price, take a look at Louis Vuitton. Many LV bags are wayyyy more expensive, but the Monogram Speedy 25 style is $595, and practically indestructible (the Speedy 30 is slightly larger and $620). The Petit Noe is $720 and would be a great shoulder bag for a mom. If she's more casual, the Messenger PM Bosphore ($705) would also be good. LV is a little pricier than other brands, but the quality is outstanding and they will never go out of style.

    One thing to keep in mind is that some people find logo bags ostentatious. If your wife is shy or low-key, she may prefer something without a logo.

    For a great leather bag, take a look at Hayden Harnett. They have some original styles, are very good quality, and are unique enough that not everyone else is carrying them. Their large shoulder bags start at around $398 retail, but you may be able to find them for around 20% less at online boutiques.

    Hope this helps!
  5. Thanks for the quick feedback:

    I'm trying to find something pretty versatile for her.

    Which one might go with a larger variety of style/color (brown/black) shoe and jacket?
    [FONT=VERDANA, GENEVA, ARIAL]Totally Turnlock Tina Tote[/FONT]
    LV Boulogne (This is from - ever heard of it?)
    LV Petit Noe
    Gucci Brown Trim Shoulder Bag

    A shoulder bag will be the way to go. Also, she likes to stash stuff in pockets and compartments - the thought of a cell phone pocket is a plus too.
  6. Maybe a Kooba? You can definitely get a practical and hip bag in your budget, and lots of them are on sale right now (check Neiman Marcus, Saks, Berdorf, and Active Endeavors online)
  7. DO NOT buy from LaPerle, they sell fakes. I don't know much about Gucci, but is the only place to buy authentic LV online - LV doesn't partner with anyone else.

    The Coach you linked to is a nice bag. It's a new style, but based on some of their older, classic bags. You might consider the black signature rather than khaki since you have small children - the lighter colored fabric can be hard to keep clean.

    ^^Kooba is a good idea! No logo bags, but very good quality.
  8. I'm suggesting that you check out Coach or LV too...those have prominent logos and you can find bags within your budget...
  10. What about Michael Kors? I've seen some pretty cute bags at Nieman's: The Brookville Large Hobo is nice and comes in some good general colors--I like the light brown myself; It's $248.00 at The Winter Warrior Hobo is cute too and it's $389.00. The Signature Drawstring Hobo is good everyday too and it's $198.00. I don't know if it's "Designer" enough for ya--but, they're cute bags... If you wife is really looking for the brass ring--check out LV, she'll be thrilled to carry it!
  11. I recommend buying lv bag from let-trade
  12. I ordered the 25% off Coach preferred customer coupon from ebay - $25. Once I get it, I'll take a look at the local Coach store. If it doesn't work out I'm considering the This LV from let-trade. My only concern is - he's in Hong Kong - quite a long trip for it to get here for Christmas. I see he's received good feedback from this forum. Any reason not order from him? Good game plan? Thanks again.