Gift for the BF....which one? Part 1

  1. Hi all. Happy New Year's to all! I'm not on as much lately, and I feel like I miss a lot!:p

    Anyways....The BF's birthday is coming up in 6 weeks and was wondering what to get him. A while ago he mentioned liking the Damier Geant Mage. Last weekend he put himself on a waitlist for it. There was a colour he didn't get to see which was the -- now discontinued. Anyone know why BTW? So he put himself down for Terre.

    I have been calling around, and I might be able to get my hands on a sable -- (I believe this is the same colour that LATINMALEMODEL has).

    My delimma: (1) go for the sable -- discontinued colour, or (2) go for terre -- which is soldout everywhere in Canada and have to wait until.....who knows. Aside from these two options I need an option (3) just in case I can't either. Any suggestions?

    I'm really stumped & depressed on this one because I passed up a Pomme D'amour Bedford ($1270) in order to get his Damier Geant Mage ($1240):sad:

    TIA for your suggestions :yes:
  2. I would go for the sable, as then you can have something for him to open...but let him know if he wants to return it for the other color it's fine :smile:
  3. :yes: , or which of the color match his wardrobe more?
  4. yes. which color?
  5. That's one of the reasons why I alson can't decide. During the week, he's a suit & tie guy (for work, of course). On weekends & days off, the usual jeans & shirt/sweater. His wardrobe is very well mixed. But majority is earth tones & white/creams. If it helps, he already has a Damier geronimos and uses it quite often.

    my LV 021.jpg
  6. Yup! I agree!
    I also wouldn't have been able to pass on a pomme d'amour bedford! Was it at the Calgary Holt? I would be all over it if I didn't already have one in framboise which I hardly use! :push:

    If his bday is in 6 weeks you still have time...b/c if you got the sable one now, I don't know how the return policy would work if he wanted the terre?