Gift for supervisor (whom I have a crush on!)

  1. I will be moving to a different department soon and am thinking of getting my supervisor a gift before I leave. He has been a really good boss and I have learnt a lot from him. We are quite good friends too. And yes, I am very fond of him although I have never said anything as he is in a relationship with someone else (sob sob). In any case, I would still like to get him something nice to show my appreciation and wish him well.

    What would you suggest? I would like to get something special and am willing to spend a bit more than on a usual gift to a colleague. I have thought of a couple of items which I think would be nice, but am afraid that they may be too personal and I may piss off his girlfriend!

    1. Wallet (I saw that his current one is almost exploding with cards but am worried that it may have been bought by his girlfriend which will have sentimental value to him)

    2. Business card holder (I don't think he even uses one!)

    3. Sweater (as he is always complaining that he is cold in the office!)

    4. cufflinks (I think it may be too personal?)

    5. tie (too personal as well?)

    .... what else can I get him??????

    I am sad to leave his department....:crybaby:
  2. Baked goods would suffice. You don't want to overstep your bounds.
  3. I think you definitely need to be very careful not to be too personal. I would suggest a gourmet gift basket. The gifts that you mentioned seem too personal for the occassion.
  4. Agree with the others. Although a busines card holder isn't all that personal IMHO!
  5. Everything in your list is too personal. Just get him something he can use in the office or something food related. Maybe a box of really nice cookies or chocolates that he can share with everyone.
  6. mMm, cookies!

    Most of the things you've listed would usually come from someone very close to the person, as they will be using it for a very long time.

    Good luck!
  7. i don't think a business card holder is too personal, but i think the other things are. depends on how close to him you are as a friend; my supervisor is one of my BEST friends (and HE has a crush on ME...which is awkward). i think it's best to stick with either the business card holder or some baked goods, particularly since he's in a relationship.
  8. A gift card to his fav. restaurant?
  9. Since you said you have a slight crush I would go with something work appropriate such as one of those hands-free headsets for long conference calls and a simple thank you card. :tup: I agree with the other ladies. You want to tread lightly. Just think of what would be appropriate if he mentioned your gift to his wife. :shrugs: Good luck in your new role.

  10. IA with the other ladies that most of the gifts you list are too personal for this occasion, and would upset his girlfriend.

    I think the business card holder isn't too personal though, I gave a work colleague one of those and he was very happy, and his wife was fine about it.

    IA that food or a gourmet basket is however the best way to go.
  11. Omg. I could have sworn you are my friend in disguise. Today she just got a position in another department and we are both really fond of our supervisor too. I think she's in your shoes right now.

    I think business card holder would be the most suitable gift out of the list you've compiled. It keeps things professional, and since he may not have one, he will now! And if he does, then it can be replaced, assuming that his gf wouldn't go as far as getting him a business card holder out of all things.

    Personally, I'd get him something like a novelty item. Maybe some kind of mug. That's what I got mine when I left the department he watched over me in. It adds some humour to it all and it'll always be on his desk to remind him of the good times!
  12. I think you should get him a gourmet gift basket, but pick out each individual item yourself. Go to a local gourmet food store and put something together (like Eli Zabar's if you are in nyc...yummmmm!). At first glance it might sound kind of impersonal but you can add your own touch by picking the items out on your own. My dad recently got a huge gift basket like this for xmas from a client and omg- what a fun gift to get! Its so fun to try all the different things people think you would like and get a taste of something fancy that you wouldnt normally buy for yourself. Plus its sure not to overstep bounds. Good luck let us know what you pick!
  13. A hand written thoughtful note will probably the most appreciated thing, honestly...and if you put in specific examples of what you learned for him, he will mean a lot. If you want to add something something for the office, a desk clock, or something that that would be fine.
  14. In Miami we have a company that delivers cookie arrangements (instead of flowers). They are adorable. They have cookie baskets for work occasions. I remember one of them had a theme that said #1 Boss. I think something like that is appropriate... and really yummy!
  15. Anything that goes home with him would possibly piss the g/f off so I would stick to something for his desk, or cakes that could be shared around the rest of the office.