Gift for SIL: Clic-Clac or Collier de Chien?

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  1. My SIL's style varies so I'm confident that she'd wear either bracelet. I'm stuck on deciding on which one has a bit more wow factor. I love how the collier de chien makes a suit or dress look edgy and how versatile the Clic-Clac is so that she could wear it w/ even a swimsuit. If it helps, I was planning to get her the etoupe gold Clic Clac or the brown or rubis Collier de Chien with gold hardware.

    Should I get her the Clic Clac which she could a lot or the Collier de Chien which she may not wear everyday, but is def beautiful too? She doesn't wear much jewelry at a time so I'm concerned that a single Clic Clac will be significant enough to wear alone since she's tall and doesn't have dainty wrists. I realize for the price of 1 Collier de Chien, I can buy her 2 Clic Clacs, but I don't see her wearing 2 Clic Clacs together.

    Thanks so much!
  2. I would pick the collier de chien- this piece has really grown on me and I blame it all on Rachel Zoe!
  3. Another vote for the rubis CDC with gold hardware! Stunning combination :smile:
  4. CDC is too die for! keep on wanting more:smile:
  5. I would vote for clic-clac. I think it's something anybody could make work, whereas I feel the collier de chien is harder to wear.
  6. I would go for the Clic Clac. I think it is the perfect gift. You can't go wrong.

    As for the CDC , I would leave it to your SIL to try them on and decide wich color and hardware she likes the most.
  7. definitely a CDC, no doubt. its a classic and a must have.
  8. I would go for the wide clic-clac looks great alone or have you seen the clic-clac in extra wide size have one and love it makes a statment
  9. I am a total CDC addict, however, I would probably choose the clic clac (perhaps the new extra wide?) for gifting. Many people complain of the CDC not fitting their wrists (you need smaller wrists and Hermes makes only one size in the leathers), and I have been told to remove my CDC's at certain concert venues because they consider it a "weapon" :rolleyes:
  10. Wow! You're such a nice SIL! Since I'm putting personal feelings into my decision, and I really don't care for either of my SILs (to put it nicely), I'd go cheaper and get a clic clac and get one for myself! :P
  11. Totally agree.

    I just got the Clic Clac Narrow and am wearing it for the first time today. Got it in Natural with PHW and LOVE IT. I am wearing it on my wrist with my watch and a diamond tennis bracelet and it looks stunning. I will post a reveal tonight so you can see. Regarding color, are you certain Etoupe is the color you want? Etoupe enamel is very grey looking and I think works best with cooler skin undertones. My skin is warm with golden olive undertones and the Natural color is a winner.
  12. I would go with a clic-clac, or two clic clacs in colors she wears often.

    You could go with a wider sized clic clac, as others mentioned to add more presence since she is tall and doesn't have dainty wrists.
  13. I think the new extra wide all black Clic-Clacs are a great choice. Black goes with everything, and it's still cheaper than a CDC and it's also limited edition because of the SO Black line I believe.
  14. Obviously you are a better judge of the things your SIL likes to wear, whilst the CDC does have more wow factor, I think the clic-clac has a more understated elegance.

    Wish I had you for a SIL!! :P
  15. As someone who doesn't care for CDCs, I vote clic clac.