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Dec 27, 2006
I'm trying to find a jewelry gift for my girlfriend. Her family is in the jewelry business and she's very discreet when it comes to wearing gold and diamond jewelry due to her occupation in the medical field. She only takes out the goods for events such as weddings. My dilemma is that I feel that I cannot buy her any jewelry, without criticism from family's knowledge in the business.

The one thing that my girlfriend wears daily is a "blessed" string bracelet she got from a temple in Thailand. Because of her discretion, I was thinking of getting her a Cartier Trinity bracelet with the cord

I'm hoping that this item can be versatile in that she's able to change the cords to different colors, or possibly use it as a pendant if she doesn't want to use the cords.

Any helpful feedback would be greatly helpful.

sammy deer

Jun 12, 2009
Houston, TX
The Cartier bracelet does sound nice but also since her family is so critical then you could get with them and tell them to help you design a surprise piece of jewelry just to be safe. That’s just the 1st thing that comes my mind
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Nov 12, 2006
I wouldn’t buy the Cartier if her family in jewelry business. If she doesn’t tend to wear jewelry are you certain this is what you want to get her? My guess is she has spectacular pieces and probably many since her family in business. If you really want to buy jewelry, I’d suggest speaking with her family about purchasing something. Otherwise, you may want to consider something else she’s likely to use more.