Gift for one year old?

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  1. My friends' baby is turning one, and they are having a party.

    What do I get a one year old for her birthday? Should I just stick with clothes?

    I know nothing about babies... please help!
  2. Clothes are a great choice; be sure to include receipts in case they don't fit! If you want to get a toy, just look on the box at the age range for that toy - maybe get one for a 12-18 month old. Baby books are a great choice, too, or maybe a bath toy? I don't know where you live, but what about an "outside" toy like a water table or a sand table?

  3. Anything Elmo or Dora. A little ride on toy. If you go to the Toys R Us website you can search for gifts by age which is nice.
  4. the worlds greatest toy i ever bought Hayden was the air ball popper..i think playschool makes it......he still plays with it NON STOP.........The girls here on PF suggested it to me when Hayden was almost one and its the best toy ever!
    Im NOT a fan of buying clothes for kids because I think its a personal thing that only a parent should buy
  5. Clothes are nice at a shower, but not as a birthday gift.

    I have some rubber duckies that have sensors on the bottom and are activated by water (or you can use your hand) and they light up and flash. I found them on evil bay. Just type "flashig duck" in the search portion. They are SOOOOO cool! My daughter loves them, and they last a long time! They are a lot of fun in the bath tub or shower. She also has some with her other toys in the toy box!
  6. I always like to purchase toys for my friends kids because I think that if I got them clothes, they don't truly enjoy it.
    Buying toys on the otherhand, brings them fun and also occupies the child (mom might thank you too!)

    The ball popper suggested by Jill is a great idea, I got that for my friends' son and he loved it too.. I've also purchased megablocks, mr. potato head (very big one), push car (the ones that they can sit on and push also), toy lawn mower that shoots out bubbles.. that's all I can think of now..
  7. I was looking at that on Amazon! It's inexpensive too, so I might get that and something else.
  8. You're right - unless I find something I have to buy her, I'll just stick to toys.

    I just looked up the ducks - they look great - but do one year olds play in tub already?
  9. My daughter is only 10 months! She loved to play in the tub at 5 months! I think these are great for every age! Adults can use them in the pool or hot tub too ;)
  10. tubby toys are great or anything they can sit and sort or the leap frog toys like the counting drum or the caterpillar is a great toy because they can pull it and learn from it as well. perfect age for a ride on toy as someone else mentioned. An activity cube is also a great idea. They are wooden and have beads and wires to push them along and puzzles on the sides. They can parallel play with another one with that toy as well.
  11. Board books are another great gift for little ones. Eric Carle has a lot of great stories in board book format. They're fun for parents to read, have great illustrations for the child, and board books are hard to destroy.

    I'm not crazy about them receiving clothes as gifts. As others have said, clothing is a personal choice. Also, it's rarely the right size or correct season for that size, so I end up having to spend my time exchanging them or just donating them.
  12. ^^ Ok, great. Thanks SO MUCH for the help! Keep it coming!! :smile:

    I'm definitely going to get the Playskool ball thing -

    And then here are the other things I was considering as well: Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Bounce & Spin Zebra: Toys & Games Baby Einstein Animal Exploration Tunnel: Toys & Games LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo: Toys & Games

    Are these ok choices for a 1 year old? I just don't know much about what they can and cannot have or do. And I'm trying to keep in mind the amount of space they have so I don't want to get toys that will take up too much room.
  13. Hayden has the bounce and spin pony and he is JUST now at 17 months able to start using it..he loves it though ...its just a tad advanced for a one yr old.
    There is an amazing thing i got through that he also loves (and activity center gate thingy that has a door,we still use it)and its good for a mommy who needs to run to the bathroom because it closes safely.let me look it up
  14. ^^ Jill, I'd love to get that... I'm just not sure they have the space. They live in a one level condo... more like an apartment, and with all the other baby stuff, I just don't know. I will definitely go look at it though because the mother has told me before it's hard to go use the bathroom when Ella is awake! Thanks!