Gift for my wife, good choice or no?

  1. As a random act of kindness I bought my wife a coach scarf print tote last week and it should be arriving today. Did I do a good job? I didn't want to spend over 350, and I know that she prefers the tote style. I'm afraid I might have done a "stupid husband trick" and bought something that is unattractive. Also, I'm thinking about getting a special shelf to put it on so the cats wont try using it to massage their claws on...any other advice?

  2. I personally LOVE that tote, and I know that was a very popular style...either way she is one lucky woman! Hope she loves it!
  3. A random act of kindness is always a good job!! You can't go wrong with a tote:smile:
  4. welcome!:welcome:
    I'll move to our Coach Forum for you:yes:
  5. I think it's a great bag, it's very pretty!
  6. Great bag, I love it! The only reason why I never bought the scarf prints is because of upkeep, but they are hot bags imo! :yes:
  7. You did good!! And a special shelf to put it on.......:tup:
  8. Wonderful Choice!! I love the scarf prints - they go so well with everything!:tup:
  9. What a great hubby you are! I love that bag- the totes are my favorite and i love the scarf print. i know it's not about me- but i'm sure your wife will love it!
  10. Its verrrrryyyy pretty! Just be sure to hold on to the box it came with so that she can stick it in there to keep it away from the cats! Nice choice!
  11. It's very beautiful. She'll love it!!
  12. Scarf print is the best. It's very beautiful, you've got great taste. I'm sure she will love it! Let us know how she likes it.
  13. Beautiful choice. You have great taste in coach:tup:
  14. I love scarf print too...cant wait to hear how much she LOVES this bag...what a GREAT hubby you are!!!
  15. very nicely done! she's sure to appreciate it! you're such a considerate hubby!