Gift for my sister...What would you do?

  1. Hi guys. My sisters 18th birthday is in two weeks. She really wants a speedy and I plan on getting her either a 30 or 35. The thing is, is that I kind of want to surprise her. This would be her first LV!

    We are going to the mall tomorrow to go shopping for a Mother's day gift, and she thinks thats all.....she has no idea I have the intentions of buying her a speedy tomorrow.

    ANYWAY, I usually like to do things to surprise her & make a big deal. Last year when she got her car I made a scrapbook of us from when she was born until she was 17 and on the last page put a picture of her car in the driveway. She completely flipped out. This year, taking her to the store feels like it isn't that good of a surprise and that maybe I should just buy the bag on my own and give it to her on her bday? Or would it be better for her to experience buying her first LV, even if its by completely surprise? I remember my first LV it was yesterday :girlsigh: and thats why I think she might enjoy it more than just being given the bag. What would you do? What would you rather have done if it were your birthday? Thanks!!!
  2. I would take her with you to get it! It will be a day she will NEVER forget! : )
  3. Adding to my original post...would it be tacky to hand her a bday card right outside of the door with the money in it? And have her go inside fully knowing she can choose whatever she wants, whether its the speedy or something else? Hmmmm. Help!
  4. I would take her too. Don't mention that you are going to get it for her. Just let her try on bags and get what she loves. When she makes her decision, then ask them to gift wrap it for her.

    You're a very generous sister! :smile:
  5. I would take her to the boutique! It's a wonderful experience and she will remember forever that it was her terrific sister that gave her the first LV!
  6. Sounds good! I guess the notion of the gift wrap will give her the idea of what's going on! Haha. Although sometimes she can be pretty clueless lol jk. I don't know if I like my money in the card idea...that idea was short lived lol.
  7. Go together. It will be a fun sisters day and a wonderful way for her to celebrate both her birthday and her first LV bag.
  8. I agree with the others -- take her with you. Going to the boutique is part of the fun!
  9. I'd do it like Colleen...also, is there a reg. SA that you work with because you could call that SA and give her a heads up to give your sis a special treatment, something like that.

    Have fun!!!

  10. ^^Yeah...I second ths statement. Going to the boutique for the first time is a right of passage. What will make this experience eveen sweeter for her is that you are paying for it.

    Go ahead and her a 30! I hope she knows how lucky she is!!
  11. I wish! I would do that if my SA was still there--but he's not. :crybaby:I was thinking of maybe getting into the store before she does (leave her in another store for a bit lol) and find a SA I have delt with in the past who may remember me. Then go back and pretend I never went into LV before taking her lol.
  12. I also remember my first LV experience, even though it was years ago. It really is special and I think that it would mean so much to both of you to share that with one another. I love the gift wrap idea as well because that allows her to really get the LV experience, with service, etc. You are a generous, creative and sweet sister!
  13. If you can get there before her and talk with an SA who agrees to work with you guys maybe you can have the SA bring a bag out with a bday card, flowers, or something cute and personalized like that too!

    I am getting excited for your sister, make sure you get some pics in there!!!
  14. You are a very sweet sister. She is going to remember this bday forever!
  15. Ahh your post is getting me excited!