Gift for my pregnant friend.....

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  1. Im looking to send my friend who is 4 months pregnant some type of gift basket that has some cute products in it to ease her pregnancy...any suggestions for a good website??
  2. I love
  3. i haven't found a site that has any ready made baskets that i like but i know that has some great fun maternity stuff that i would love if i were expecting such as this baby gami book with directions on different ways to wrap ur baby (too CUTE)


    and i'd definitely want this diaper cake in your choice of sizes/colors/flowers.......funny/cute and absolutely necessary


    baby's owner's manual


    and if i were a first time mom maybe this mom necklace

  4. Im looking for something that isnt clothes or anything for the baby....something for the mom to teas or body products
  5. Thanks all for the help :smile:
  6. Why not see if there is a place that does pre-natal massages, etc.? Or a nice gift certificate to a spa?
  7. I thought of that SuLi...theres a place on madison and 57th called edamame (such a cute name!!!) They want $190 for a 50 min massage!!! Every other place is crazy IS Mahattan!!!
  8. How about a gift certificate for a massage? Thee are even some massage therapists that specialize in pre-natal massage!
  9. Have you checked out bliss spa ( Their prices are pretty reasonable.
  10. Ooops! Should have read all the way through . . .someone had already suggested my idea. If there are any massage schools near you, they always need people to practice on and it's much cheaper!
  11. Maybe you can chip in with someone else? We did this for a friend of ours recently, and she was so appreciative. A lot of times, people forget the "moms".
  12. That baby-gami book is precious! I'd love that even now!

    When I was pregnant, I most wanted a pedicure. Actually, I always want a pedicure, but it seemed especially important to me towards the end of my pregnancy.