Gift for my Mom's Birthday! Soo excited!

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  1. Hey all ~ I'm so excited about this that I wanted to share!! My mom's birthday is this Friday. First of all, my mom:heart: is the *cutest* woman in the world to me; she has her own style that I want to have when I'm her age, but she doesn't even realize it. She also doesn't treat herself to things very often. Last August, I got an ergo tote , and she loved it so much that she got this: [​IMG] a week after. (I took this random pic from eBay for reference since it's no longer on the Coach site, but we got it at Coach, hehe). She's had wristlets before but NEVER a Coach bag. She didn't even start using it until THIS MONTH! She was nervous that my dad or her friends at school (she's a teacher) would be like "Oh, you have a COACH bag now? How much did you spend on that?" Anyway, she put a religious pendant on it, and she wraps her scarf around the handle casually, but it looks so good that I was like 'why can't I figure that stuff out & make it look so casual' and she doesn't even do it for a style reason. So for her birthday, along with her gifts, I got her this:
    [​IMG]to put on it.

    Do you think it will look cute? I think so, and i hope so! Her favorite color is purple, and the scarf she's been using lately is a deep purple, so I think it'll look great, also with the silver pendant. The only thing is that the hangtag and Coach button on the bag are brass, but I dont think this matters. If anything, she can use it on her keys. But still - I'm so excited and just wanted to share! I feel like I'm initiating my mom into a Coach club by getting her stuff, hehe! I'm more excited about HER bag than the ones i have, because I feel happy to see her with nice things, and to be able to add to her style. I'll let you all know if she likes it! :smile:
  2. You are so sweet and I'm sure your mom will love it. As a mom of 2 grown girls I love it when they take the extra time to do something as meaningful as what you've just done.

    Let us know how she loves it!
  3. That is sooo adorable - she will just love it and think of you every time she sees it. Its definitely one of those items that make you smile just looking at it!! You are a very sweet daughter. I know how you feel - two years ago I got my Mom Coach sunglasses and this year I got her Coach gloves. I had already given her a black leather bag. She hardly ever uses any of them!! Saves them for "special occasions"!! I guess its a Mom thing (although I'm a Mom and boy do I use my stuff!!)
  4. I love it!! I am so happy for your Mom!! She's a lucky lady to have a daughter like you!!
  5. That is a beautiful bag and I love how you accesorized it ! That is so sweet for you to do that for her, I am sure she will love the gifts !
  6. I think that keyfob is soo cute. :love: Your Mom is going to love it. You did a good job picking out your Mom something special!!!! :tup:
  7. I think it's a great gift idea...I love that charm. I just bought a wristlet for my Mom's b-day and I hope she loves it.
  8. That is so adorable!!!What a great daughter you are!!!
  9. that is so cute! I bet your mom will LOVE that!!! :biggrin:
  10. I think it's just perfect! I love that key fob:tup:
  11. You are so sweet. I think it would look great with her bag. I got my mom the ergo hobo in the same color.
  12. i love your mom's birthday goodies. i'm sure she'll love them...
  13. That is the sweetest post! I really hope your mom likes it! I totally understant how you feel since my mom is the same way--she always buys things for others but never treats herself to anything--therefore, all of my mom's designer purses have been presents that I've given her for various occassions. I LOVEEE to buy my mom nice things too! Aww this post has made me want to go and call my mom :smile:
  14. you are all so sweet!! it's nice to see other posters who love their mommas so much too, hehe :smile: i cant WAIT to see the charm on the bag because i've been visualizing it for so long that i want to make sure it really does look as cute as i want it to.
    my mom is the kind that will drop a hint on an inexpensive gift just so she knows we don't spend too much for her- she really wanted this willow tree figurine; i dont know if you're ever seen them but they're really pretty as decorations/collectibles. she's probably just expecting that, so the charm will be extra special! :smile:
  15. very cute!!!! Your mom will love it!!!! :heart: