Gift for mom?


Sep 28, 2006
Hi girls,

I've just started to make my own money, and wanted to get my mom a purse. My mom has never been the type to splurge on herself (she has three children -- and she is more than generous with us, though), so I wanted to buy her a nice purse with the money that I made. I don't make much (I work part time as a tutor), but I do want to get her a nice leather, large bag. She's very, very conservative and likes classic styles (so definitely no studs or bold statements [no bright JUICY letters]), so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions! Thanks so much! :flowers:
My mom is the same way. But she doesn't use purses so I bought her a Coach leather skinny and she loved it. I agree with a Coach leather bag. Depending on how much she typically carries, the Carly and Hampton lines are beautiful and versitile bags.
Another suggestion is to have a bag custom-made in the US by an experienced leather craftsman for under $200 (I swear I don't know Henry Hibbard from Adam :smile: )

Conservative, classic, reasonably-priced:

Maxi Tote Leather Handbag


Maxi Tote:

This XL leather tote handbag is about as big as they get without being luggage, it measures 10 1/2"h X 11" wide X 5" This bag comes as shown with zipper top closure, with a center strap closure, with no closure, or with both. The inside layout has an 11" wide center zipper divider pocket that is sewn all the way around making two seperate compartments. There are 4 card pockets, pen holder, a 6" zipper side pocket, 7 1/2" X 7" open pocket and a 3 1/2" X 3 1/2" compact pocket. The Straps are 3/4" wide and 33" long between the dee rings. This bag can also be custom made without the center divider for $10.75 less.

The Pigskin Lining option is an additional $19.85