Gift for mom, please give me some suggestions!

  1. Alright, so my mom never spends lots of money on herself but rather spends it on my brother and I and whenever she sees my bags or expensive designer stuff, she totally drools over so it my brother and I decided that we'll get her an LV for Mother's Day.

    BUT I just can't seem to come up with the perfect bag for her. I thought about the Josephine PM but that might be too small for so I'm thinking about the Josephine GM. But anyway, we'd like to get her a shoulder bag, something that can be worn everyday and can fit lots of stuff and won't look weird when it's not filled with loads of stuff in it.

    I'm also thinking about the Papillon 30 but how comfortable is that over the shoulder? My mom is about 5'1"-5'2" and... I think about 115 lbs. Would it look weird on her petite frame? If someone can post pics, that'd be great.

    All other bag suggestions are welcomed, thanks!!
    Oh, also, it can't be too small. I got her a Coach bag a while ago and its' measurements were something around 9"x7" and that was wayyy too small for her and I had to sell it on eBay for her.
  2. that's so sweet of you! reminds me to do something for my mom on mother's day as well!

    let's about the cabas piano for her or the mezzo if that's a better size? or the new damier hampstead pm or mm? it's very comfy and very classic looking.

    what's your price range and which lines from LV do you like? i personally have a josephine gm and it's a great bag but not for the shoulder though as you know.

    tell us her needs, style and what price range you want to spend so we can all suggest something for you. :smile:
  3. Hi I am also thinking of getting my mom a bag for mother's day. I think Epi is really classy and also durable. How about Epi Passy? I think it is so lovely and can be dressed up or down. Have you taken you mother to LV boutique before or do you know what style she prefers? Let us know and we can better help you pick a bag...
  4. I haven't decided on a price range yet but I was thinking something from the monogram or damier line
  5. awww that's very sweet of you and your brother!:yes:

    Some suggestions (you said shoulder bag right? lol):
    Mono/Damier: BH, Papillon 30, Bucket, Noe, Beverly (mono), Saleya (damier)
    Epi: Passy, Bucket, Soufflot, Noe
  6. Sweet thought!
    Here are a few suggestions:

    Noe, Popincourt Haut, Mezzo, Piano, Batignolles Vertical, or Viva-cité GM
  7. The Noe is wonderful!
  8. Aw, how sweet! My mom has a petit bucket and a trotteur. So I would strongly suggest one of those. Especially the bucket, it has such a classic shape and its really convinient.
  9. I think the papillon bag is an acquired taste and unless you know for sure she loves this bag, I wouldn't get it for her. It is an odd bag to get used to if you aren't madly in love with it. Not to mention the teasing that usually comes along with it too! lol. Ie-hot dog bag.

    I'd say for a very first, maybe a cabas piano? It zips, and is comfortable on the shoulder at her size and weight and has structured bottom so it wont flatten when not overstuffed. I got my mother in law and sister in law this same bag with matching wallets three Christmases ago and they still tote them everyday. LV is something that would never be in their price range unless given to them. They aren't bag lovers like myself but do appreciate the name LV as a present. lol

    The popincourt haute is a VERY cute version similar to piano but is more structured and has adorable ball charms on the zipper. It is a little smaller tho but is a newer LV bag- I think it came out in 2005.

    The batignolles bags in horizontal or vertical are also great beginner bags. They are newer LV styles also. They are very popular and reasonably priced, but do not zip and I have heard of lost belongings from users not used to them.

    That is, of course, if the speedy is out of the question. Most go for this as their very first LV.
  10. That's very sweet of you two!

    I was thinking the petite Noe, Viva-cite GM or Batignolles Vertical
  11. Saleya mm !
  12. Gosh, I hope I'm your mom!
    Do you need my address?
    JK, how sweet of you! Gotta tell you, I have a feeling your mom will love whatever you 2 get for her.
  13. I would suggest the popincourt haut or the Duomo. I know the duomo is handheld, but it is so gorgeous!
  14. mono beverly
  15. illovo :smile: