Gift for graduate - want advice from my tpf ladies!

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  1. Hi all!

    So my 17 (or 18) year old cousin graduated high school and my mom wants to get her a Coach bag as a gift. We are looking to spend under $150 (yeah, I know it's kind of cheap, but it's a long story - her family and the rest of us aren't that close, plus my grandmom is sending her a separate gift of $), but I have a PCE card that I will use toward it.

    I was thinking that the indigo patchwork demi/pouch was really cute, but then was also considering a swing pack and wanted to get some ideas/feedback on what you guys thought. They definitely don't want to do a giftcard/$.

    So ladies, what do you think?
  2. Is she planning on going to college? If so I would get a wristlet and/or a mini skinny. A mini skinny is perfect for an ID and key. Wish I had one in college!

    If not, I'd go with a demi/pouch.
  3. ^^^ She is definitely continuing her education, but I think more at a culinary arts school and I'm not sure if she's going away or not (she lives in TX, we're all in PA and we don't hear from them much). She's definitely a "purse gal" though - she commented on my Carly and Zoe clutch the last time she was in.

    I like the wristlet + mini combo idea too!
  4. I think a swing pack & a mini skinny would be great!! :tup: However, it probably depends on her personality on the demi vs. a swing pack... Hard to know without knowing her.

    If she's more "girlie", then I would say the demi, if she's more active, goes on lots of trips, etc - then I would vote a swing pack! :smile:
  5. I'd go for the wristlet or a small demi. I wouldn't really opt for the swing pack bc I've mostly seen them on younger kids.
  6. Are you close to an outlet? You'd probably find a better deal there on a more substantial purse. What about the denim stripe demi? I thought it was also pretty cute.
  7. Congrats 2 her!!! Im graduating high school next week! Anyways, I would go with the pouch and a mini skinny. I would love to be given a pouch and mini skinny as a grad gift and I know she would too! Let us know what you get her!
  8. you could always go with a makeup pouch too ... I've seen girls use them as purses. I would check out an outlet if possible though!
  9. Thanks for the feedback everyone! So far, I'm leaning toward the pouch, but I appreciate all the suggestions!
  10. Oh, here's another choice - patchwork pouch or multi-stripe w/khaki sig?
  11. $150 "kind of cheap"?! dang girl, i'd be thrilled to get something like that as a gift!! :smile:

    i love the swingpack idea, i just bought one and i love it. I have a black sig semi too and it is wonderful. Very fun but also very professional looking!
  12. multi-strip pouch with a mini skinny. I think that would be a great set!
  13. Could someone please tell me what a PCE card is?? I'm new! Thanks.:confused1:
  14. hrimaliv- Only in the realm of pricey handbags could that price range be considered cheap! LOL!

    I think I'm looking at it from the standpoint of it's my family (my dh, me, mom and dad (and technically brother though we won't ask him to contribute) and my uncle and his wife) collectively going in, so split three ways, it's only about $50/each.

    Of course, now my uncle wants us to get closer to the $100 range b/c he's mad at my aunt (if we go over, I'll put in the difference - no use punishing my cousin b/c my aunt's being a jerk!). Aren't families fun?
  15. Man, people are quick to post (or I'm slow to type).

    Munchkyn, thanks for the opinion. Now I'm starting to lean toward the multi stripe too!

    AWylie1994 - PCE = Preferred Customer Event. If you search the forum, there are a number of threads about it.