Gift for gf advice

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  1. My gf loves chanel but I don't know where to start. I would like to spend under $2,000. Birthday gift. Is that realistic? It seems like this site has the most knowledgeable ppl.

    Would you guys be able to recommend something? If so, could you please post pictures + prices.

    Also, what is the average price differential for caviar and lamb skin? I think she'll like the lamb skin. [I've been doing a lot of research on this forum :graucho:]
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    Welcome to PF :welcome:! You GF is one lucky gal to have you doing Chanel research!! 2k is definitely a good price for Chanel. The price difference between caviar and lambskin is about 300 to 500 depending on style. I personally recommend the Half Moon WOC (wallet on a chain), it's very cute design she can wear it as messenger, double strap it as should bag, or tuck in the chain when she need that formal clutch :yes: But I think it would help if you can share some info about ur GF:

    *age group?
    *her style (fashion forward/classic?)
    *is she into handbag?
    *she's mostly w/big or small bag?
    *what are some of her favorite handbag brand?

    dinitegrity posted some fantastic pix of her half moon WOC, the current colors are black,white, and navy. The price is under 1400, so you can also pick up a pair of Chanel CC crystal earrings for her too :yes:
  3. Thanks for the advice classic chic!

    She's turning 26, petite, 5'4, she's into handbags, she has a lot of big bags, and she has a lot of lv.. but i kno she really likes chanel
  4. you are such a sweet dude! your girlfriend is one lucky girl! how about the valentine's bag? it has heart shape charms on the metal chains, not too big size of the purse and since your GF is young, this is a cute and youthful look! wish I can find a pic to show you.... any of you girls have a picture of the valentine's bag?
  5. Hi mykim =) I'm kind of new here but I'm the same age as your gf so I thought maybe I could help. If she likes big bags, why not get her a tote? The price is a bit higher than 2000 though. A very functional bag is the wallet on chain. It's small, but very useful and there are many styles ranging from 1000-1600. I don't have pictures of either of these bags, but you could do a forum search for gst or woc. Hope this was helpful!
  6. Thank you everyone! It seems like my budget entails a woc bag for now.

    Also, I keep reading about this price increase that happened today. Did that affect all bags? And about how much? Just wondering. And how often do these price hikes happen?

    I'll be more well versed in chanel than my gf after all this :sweatdrop:
  7. For big bags... probably the Grand Shopping Tote (GST) but that's over $2000 - I think about 2500 right now.
    There's also the Medallion Tote which is a little above $2k.

    For smaller purses, a Wallet On Chain (WOC) will be nice, it's generally under $2k.

    For classic flaps, mini flaps are around $2k. $1995-$2025.

    The valentine's flap... unless u r getting the mini one, the medium/large one will be at least $2600.

    Here are some pics from the

    GST -

    Medallion Tote -

    WOC -

    Classic Mini flap -

    Valentine mini flap -
  8. I think the price increase didn't effect the wocs, correct me if i'm wrong though!

    You definitely can't go wrong with a woc. I like big bags as well, but I looooove my wocs!
  9. Thanks Classic Chic for remembering my Half Moon White WOC which I lovey so much!

    OP, 1st you are such a nice and lovely guy who is willing to do some research to buy something for your lovely gf! She is lucky to have you! Mind influencing my fiance for me?

    If you are looking at WOC, some lovely TPF and I have compile/contribute a whole list of WOCs here:

    For me, I own the Off White Half Moon WOC US$1175 and it is EXTREMELY FUNCTIONAL~


    I am shorter than your gf, standing at 5"2.
    One Chain Wrap:

    Double Chain Wrap:


  10. What a Half Moon WOC can fits:
    -10 CC (able to fit more)
    -couple of plasters and receipts
    -a pack of tissue paper
    -a pack of cigarette
    -Chanel Longer version of lip gloss
    -Nivea lip balm
    -LV 4 key holder

    Coins fit into the large coin compartment

    Bills fit into the large front compartment

    Cards in the 6 existing CC slots

    Plasters and Receipt on the compartment behind the Coin compartment and opposite the CC slots

    Others all throw into the main large compartment

    Or maybe you can consider a Classic Mini Flap, Classic East West Flap which may fit your budget for Caviar but not lambskin?
  11. ^I say go for the camellia flap as well. Much more bang for your buck than the WOCs and it's such an adorable piece. Plus your GF gets an actual bag (and not a wallet... on a chain).
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    I also second the camellia flap! It's very cute!!! I also love my WoC but like nighteyes said, with camellia, she can get an actual bag.

    I would like to also suggest the Petite Shopper Tote (PST). It's a classic bag and very practical everyday bag. It comes in many colors and the caviar leather is very durable. The price is ~$2,100 + tax, I think.

    For ~$200 or so more, you can get the Grand Shopper Tote (GST), one of the most popular bags and it's kinda big bag that your GF likes!

    WoC, Camellia, PST, GST... You can't really go wrong with any of them!!! You're very sweet for giving Chanel to your GF!!! She is a lucky girl! Good luck! =)

    Some pics of PST:

  13. I totally agree! Camellia flap is the way to go!! Very classic and iconic design and soooo Chanel!
  14. Exactly! lol :biggrin: