Gift for DBF

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  1. So since me and DBF don't celebrate V-day (my idea, because I don't think that you should only show you're so that you love them one day out of the year I think you should show them that every single day, he was very surprised when I told him i don't want to celebrate it since his previous gf always nagged him about it) but I want to get him something really nice for our 2nd anniversary since he always gets me really nice bags for special occasions. I do not have any idea what to get him but I know I want to get him something from LV just because he's really not in to designers (he's an avid collector of Jordan shoes and Rayban sunglasses but I got him shoes for christmas and sunglasses for his bday) and he has a damier graphite wallet that his parents got for him last summer and he really likes it. So my question to you all is what should I get him my budget is around 1200$ but if there is something that is really nice I will go up to 2000 (since it is our 2nd anniversary) I was thinking off a nice belt in the the damier graphite but I don't want to get him just the belt, anyone have experience with the LV mens shoes like the sneakers are they comfortable and do they match with outfits because he dresses nice when we go out so I was thinking they would make a nice gift, any input is appreciated :biggrin:
  2. I'd recommend a matching belt / pair of sneakers, or go for a keepall he'll use for all his traveling needs! The hot stamping would allow for you to customize it a bit more for him, so it would also be a very cute personalized touch to the gift, IMHO. Also, I don't own the sneakers personally, but I think they're relatively comfortable - that said, if he's a big fan of Jordans and sportier high tops, I'd go for a piece like the keepall he may have more of a use for. The new Damier Cobalt options would be a bit more "exclusive" and certainly would allow for you to give him something very few others would already own.

    Regardless, congrats on your relationship & I'm sure he'll love anything you get him!!
  3. Wow thankyou I do think the keep all is a great idea with a matching passport cover because he travels a couple of times a year to Asia with his dad for business and then a couple of more times to South America to visit his family he definitely would get good use out of it thank you so much it is great to have a man's opinion :smile:
  4. Also I see that you own the damier graphite keep all how is it to travel with is it durable?
  5. I absolutely LOVE traveling with it and find it has held up very well over time, even though I never baby any of my bags. The leather trim hasn't had any cracking or discoloration, and the 55 is a perfect size as it can be used in an overhead when filled to the brim, but also still looks great with just a couple days worth of items packed, too!

    The Pocket Organizer is another item I really love and believe he'd find it to be a nice compliment to his wallet. It's such a simple item, but is also incredibly versatile, and I personally always like to have my "main" wallet for cash & cards, but also a secondary piece (the pocket organizer) to use for things like business cards, magnetic entry keys, random receipts, customer loyalty cards, backup ID / credit cards, etc.
  6. Thank you so much I think Im definitely going to go to the botique to check it out tomorrow I really think that it would be a useful item for him and I didn't even think about the pocket organizer and you are right he will get a lot of use of it I really hope he likes it
  7. the sneaker idea is awesome, since you said he's into jordans!! i was going to say a briefcase for work (theyre so chic an non-briefcase-looking) but the sneaks sound wayyy more his style!!

    he's going to be so pumped!!
  8. I agree keep all in graphite or cobalt is so nice I'm thinking of getting my DH one for traveling. The belts are very nice too, what about a tie if he wears ties for work ect
  9. I love all these ideas Im thinking I might splurge and get him like three or four things because he's been such a great person to have in my life and I think he deserves it I will keep you all posted thank you so much for all of you input
  10. Would he use a messenger? I love the Mick.
  11. A belt would be lovely :smile:
  12. I personally would love it if he would use a messenger I don't think they are his thing though I really wish I could just take him to the botique and have him pick out the stuff he wants but he gets mad when ever I buy him anything so he's just gonna have to deal with getting mad at home when I give him his stuff :biggrin:
  13. He really wants a belt which one I don't know so Im gonna stick to the damier graphite one with the LV initials on it
  14. I would have to agree with the keepall. Every man should have a keepall in his collection. :smile: Goodluck with your decision! Happy anniversary.
  15. how about the reversibale belt in graphite?