Gift for DBF! Reveal!!!

  1. Thank you so much everyone! I know how much he loves to spy threads with his reveals hahaha

    I thought it would be nice to post family pic :biggrin:



    For reference from left:
    Louis flat calf/spikes in black/silver (classic collection)
    Louis pik pik flat patent/calf in black (F/W12)
    Louis pik pik flat nappa laminato in anthracite

    Im just so happy that I could get 2 of them for him.
    These shoes grab attention! People stare at them, talk about them, recognize him just because of these shoes (really!), ask about them... some older people were shocked and some just jealous but for sure these arent usual.
    I wish he made some for women, I would definitely want some! :smile:
    I wish you luck ladies in finding them, SA said these sells like warm baguettes...!
  2. gorgeous!!
  3. Those are pretty cool! :tup:
    I can see my cousin wearing those--she's a Louboutin girl at heart, but heels just aren't her thing. I wonder if a very small men's size would fit her!
  4. wow! HOT! that is such a wonderful gift!
  5. Amazing!!
  6. They rock!
    I'm completely jealous! I've been trying to score a pair in my DBFs size for quite some time!

    Well done!
  7. Happy birthday to your DBF! They look awesome! :smile:
  8. His collection is Hot.....I love them all.....
  9. those are awesome!
  10. Omg, what an amazing, thoughtful present for your bf!! :nuts: He must have been floored!! :smile: