Gift for DBF! Reveal!!!

  1. Very nice!!! Happy bay to your boyfriend!!:party:
  2. Those are HOT! :woohoo:
  3. dyingggg, those are amazing!!!
  4. those are HOT!!!!!
  5. These are really cool! Congrats to your dbf! And you're an awesome gf for getting them!
  6. Those are wicked cool! Happy Birthday to your DBF!!
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  8. So Hot...I love them!
  9. Amazing!!!
  10. hotttt!
  11. I love these, now only if i could convert my boyfriend lol
  12. love them! still trying to get my hands on a pair of sneakers for the bf as well!
  13. :faint:
    Holy crap those are wicked! Super hot!
    I wouldnt mind a pair for myself! Ahaha.
    Happy birthday to your dbf
  14. Love them!! Congrats to your dbf!
    I wish more stores would carry men's CL!
  15. OMG -- they are amazing!!! :woot: I love this style of men's sneaker!