Gift for DBF! Reveal!!!

  1. So my DBF had a bdy some days ago and.... I knew he wanted one pair in particular... These are from new collection so we decided that I would get them for him even if they would come in July...

    Day before his birthday we decided to go to Loubi and we took a cab instead of metro (which I enjoy, coz we go by metro rarely)... We went inside a men's shop first and BOOM! These shoes were on the shelf!! I almost passed out...
    They didnt have his 43 size anymore... All 10 (yes, only 10) pairs arrived only 3h ago and they already sold them? But fortunately they had 43.5. My DBF was hesitating a little (men....) but since other guys wanted to take them too... He just HAD to have it and so, I felt relieved!

  2. here!:woohoo:
  3. image-1614023086.jpg

  4. :couch:
  5. image-3593165589.jpg

    Louis pik pik in calf/patent leather in black :smile: i personally love them, and I wish I could get them in 39 for myself too!! :smile:
  6. ahh i love these, now you just need some black spikes to match if you don't have them already :graucho:
  7. image-3949703436.jpg




    Some mod shots, not the best quality- done with iPad.
  8. They look great!
  9. Amazing !
  10. I looooove these hope they come in womens sizes too! Happy Bday to your DBF and congrats to him :woohoo:
  11. oh my god!!!! so jealous! i've been looking for pik piks for my bf for like 6 months!!! are these from the new men's store?
  12. those are seriously bad *** shoes! congrats and belated happy birthday to him.
  13. Congrats they are fierce!!
  14. Love them!! They look awesome!!!
  15. Thank you so much everyone!!! He is always so happy about his reveals on tPF haha :smile:)

    These are from the men boutique on JJR. :smile: hope you find them! Its tricky, isnt it? :p