Gift for boss?

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  1. Today we had a luncheon at work to celebrate my boss turning 49. So this new hire girl gave me boss a gift. That makes the rest of us feel weird cuz non of us got the boss anything. I mean, what are the standards? Are we supposed to give presents to our bosses on certain occations? I'm confused. What do you guys think?
  2. I personally bug my DH to get a gift for his boss on his B-day and at Christmas. My DH's boss is the VP of the CO though, so maybe I feel this way due to their levels in the Co{?}
    I do want to admit too, that I'm always a little surprised when his own Managers don't remember his birthday.
  3. Depends on your relationship with your boss, and if its a big birthday. ONe boss just turned 75- so all the Associates (small law firm) pitched in and got him a gift. We did the same for my other boss's 40th birthday. But other than that, no. Just a card signed by everyone from the office.
  4. well for xmas - i always get my boss a box of chocolates but i also get the other techs a box of chocolates too.... Last xmas i gave my boss this mug with this funny picture on it. Xmas is the only time i get my boss something
  5. My boss is my friend so I automatically do. Back in the Philippines, my family would give a gift to the boss on Christmas and that's it.
  6. Sounds like new girl was just playing on the safe side, in case y'all got him gifts as well.

    I guess it depends on the way your particular office's employees treat this situation. If they don't give gifts to boss, then would you feel weird being the only one to do so next year? Would they think you are 'brown nosing'?
  7. I'm pretty close to my boss, but I don't ever buy him gifts. I give him Bday cards and Christmas cards, but I give them to everyone in my office too.
  8. Let's say you work in the Legal dept. and there's two people you work under, two bosses. The two bosses are very nice to you, in this case should you get them something for xmas/holidays? i was thinking maybe an amc gift card or box of chocolates w/a greeting card. what ya'll think??
  9. Hmmm. I probably would've brought something for the whole office or department (assuming its a manageable size)... like, brought in some cupcakes and say you baked them for your boss's bday or whatever.
  10. I've always heard it was "proper etiquette" NOT to give a gift to your boss. They're supposed to give one to you. But I guess it depends on the relationship you have.

    I've only done a group gift to the boss on one occassion...and someone ended up writing the gift off on his expense account, so it didn't cost us anything :angel:.
  11. We are a small company of 9 people i usually give the president a small give, i give my boss something and the accounting guy. while the others ill give a small box of cookies or candy .