gift for anniversary??

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  1. Hi,girls~~i need a little help here:flowers: !!! im thinking of getting my bf a LV (maybe wallet:graucho: ) for our 2 yrs anniversary, which one should i get:P ???
  2. i got my bf something from the taiga line a few years back. he hates the mono and damier stuff, so this was subtle and worked out well.

    he's been hinting for a damier geant messenger though...haha..maybe when i get my chanel caviar! lol
  3. An LV Wallet Is A Nice Idea! The Taiga Leather Is Beautiful!!! Let Us Know What You Decide!!! :smile:
  4. I really like the Taiga and Utah stuff, it's understated but the quality of the leather really shows. A wallet would be really nice !
  5. i got my boyfriend a Taiga wallet for Valentine's Day. the leather is exquisite and it's very durable
  6. My BF swears by his Monogram Canvas Multiple. :yes:

    He thought he lost it Saturday morning and he was :censor:. Not because he lost his driver's license, Debit & Credit Cards, but because he lost his Louie.

    It was hella funny!:roflmfao: Thank goodness he found it.

    Now he's saying he wants a new one heat stamped because he is wearing the old one out!:rolleyes:
  7. Look at the Tiaga and Nomade wallets. I'm more of a Nomade guy, just because I'm crazy for Vachetta leather, the downside though, it shows it's age with scratches, and scuffs and the like rather quickly. Tiaga is much more durable but looses the softness of Nomade.
  8. Taiga and Utah stuff are fabulase.