Gift for a Winter Formal date?

  1. Okay, well my HS Winter Formal is next friday, and I asked a long time friend of mine to be my partner. I kinda was broke at the time so I asked her to pay for her own ticket, problem is, it isn't her school's formal its my school's formal. Also she's shelling out another 200 bucks for her dress, that shes getting made. Soo that's about a $300 she already spent. Well anyways, I was thinking of getting her a small gift as a thank you for going with me, on top of the dinner we're having that night. Whats a good gift to give her? My mom and I are making the croisage (sp?) and the butiniers (sp?) by hand because her orchids will be in perfect bloom on that day (which saves me money to help fund her gift.) I'm thinking some kinda bag, because I know she loves em, but gimme ideas! Something original maybe? Other than something materialistic.

    (thanks in advance!)
  2. How aboot a cute LeSportSac in a vibrant colour with an adorable card (handmade?) tucked inside.
  3. or even better a fierce cluch to bring with her to the dance?
  4. i think a cute clutch or wristlet would be a nice idea. you seem like a thoughtful guy! that is so sweet of you to get her a thank you gift!
  5. of course, i love coach, but they have good prices on things like that.
  6. I second that!
  7. I think a clutch or a wristlet would be a great idea!
  8. Hmmm, I think I might do that, and add a nice card in there saying thank you! haha Thanks a bunch you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I feel bad you guys, she just bought her own croissage and butonier...
  10. aww she seems like a really good friend, and you're very sweet to get her a gift. Maybe a necklace or bracelet? You didn't mention a budget, but you can find something in sterling silver that's not too expensive.
  11. Wow, you are so lucky she said yes! I would've been like, "GET LOST!" I'm kidding! But really, when I asked a friend (who is now my bf of almost 3 years) to MY prom, I paid for our tickets, and he paid for the tickets to his prom. When I was in HS, I didn't have 2-3 hundred dollars lying around to be spent at someone else's dance!

    Why didn't you tell her you were making the corsage and boutineer?

    HMM, if you don't know what she likes specifically, maybe a visa giftcard will do, she can buy whatever she likes. It may seem unthoughtful, but you really cant go wrong with a gift card! How much are you planning to spend?]

    Good luck! and let us know!

    I really miss HS now!
  12. Haha I was gonna pay at least a hundred. I found out she just ordered the crosage and boutineer, so I'll pay for that, on top of that a gift, and dinner.