Gift for a Mother of 3

  1. I am going to get my aunt something this Mother's day. Something nice that she can use. Around the hundreds range. Nothing too fancy or $$ otherwise she might think I am wasting money. She has three kids. Two teens one 7. I am thinking maybe a shoulder bag or a nice wallet what do you guys think? Which brand is good for a (40sth) stay home Mom.
  2. That's really sweet of you! I'm sure the mummies on the board will have great advice for you. Calling SwankyMama!
  3. Thanks IntlSet! I also hope some mummies here help!
  4. as a mom, i'd love a trip to the can get a gift certificate and she can choose the services like massage, facials, etc. that way it's something just for her so she can get away and relax. motherhood is stressful, contrary to what some folks think.
  5. I know how motherhood is a stressful job :sad2: but I don't think she has the time to go spa.....she is pretty busy all day with her kids.
  6. Also she wears makeup would it be good idea to get her a nice set of makeup? Or a nice scarf?
  7. If she wears makeup that may be a good idea too. Something you know for sure that she'd use. Also, if she's a scarf person I know you can't ever have too many. My mom loves scarfs, and doesn't mind even if I get her one for every birthday (not that I do... but I did for I think about two years ;))
  8. What a lovely gesture, Everevereve! A nice scarf would be great - and as for a handbag or wallet, what style do you think your aunt will like? Does she like flowers?

    Perhaps you could get her a wallet and a scarf as well?

    There have been so many rave reviews on Zappos about the Hobo Lauren wallet, I would love to get one myself (if I were in your aunt's shoes - and I am older than she is :smile:)
    Functional and stylish... it can be used as a clutch as well.
  9. i'd be careful with the skincare/makeup gift idea only because a lot of women (including me) are very picky and particular about the specific products they use and only like what they use.....but if you know what she likes maybe a little gift basket of nice skin care products and make up from her favorite brand would be nice :shame:
  10. Thanks passerby! I think I will get her a nice silk scarf and something for my little cousins:biggrin: and the wallets are cute I might look into that, thank!
  11. Do you young ladies wear scarves nowadays? IMHO they perk up many a dull outfit.

    Went to London in 1989 and bought some gorgeous scarves for something like 3 pounds each from Tie Rack - should have bought lots more, really.

    Good luck with your gift-shopping for your aunt, Everevereve :biggrin:
  12. My mom is a mom of three... hehe

    She definitely loves scarves. They're a pretty popular gift between my moms friends and aunts. I think that's pretty on target.

    So is the spa stuff.

    My mom doesnt buy herself nice handbags, so I usually do that for her every so often... she doesn't like switching her bags so she has a summer and winter one... she's nuts, lol. Her favorite one I got her was a nice leather Longchamps bag...its held up great too for her every day wear and tear.

    That is very nice of you to get your aunt a Mothers Day gift, I'm sure she'll be touched you thought of her regardless of what you choose!
  13. Thanks ladies I think a pretty scarf can definitely spices up a simple outfit,and since my aunt love bright colors I think she will like it.=) Thanks again everyone!